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Latest Headlines

FCC's Wheeler: IP transition is not a license to limit competition

DALLAS—FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, like his commission colleagues, is a champion of the IP transition and the capabilities it will bring to service providers but wants to ensure it does not affect competition.

FCC begins special-access data-collection process, but competitive carriers want fair prices

The FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau has gotten approval from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to move ahead with the process of reviewing data from ISPs and service providers on the state of the special-access market.

Argument to preserve special access falling apart without government intervention

The argument of some CLECs that we need to preserve the old technologies (really, preserve the CLECs' business models) for the benefit of special access customers is starting to fall apart.  And it's falling apart  without  government intervention, through the use of private, market-based agreements.

Special access, end of PSTN no secret to wireline marketplace

Despite reports that special access is somehow a secret monopoly, today's reality is that the business market served by special access services is robustly competitive--and many Americans (including businesses) have already abandoned it.

AT&T's special access proposal faces fire from CompSouth

AT&T's desire to eliminate pricing discounts on special access contracts that are longer than three years now faces its latest challenge from CompSouth, an association of CLECs serving business customers in the Southeast.

Google Fiber sparks competition, FCC revises CAF rules and other top stories of 2013

FierceTelecom is counting down the story lines that shaped the telecom industry in 2013. From special access battles to new networking standards, find out what issues dominated the headlines.

FCC delays AT&T's special access request

The FCC is halting AT&T's request to stop offering long-term contracts and the associated discounts on TDM-based special access circuits it sells to CLECs and wireless operators, at least for five months.

tw telecom joins CLEC battle against AT&T's special access proposal

tw telecom, one of the largest competitive service providers, followed the route of other CLECs and asked the FCC to deny AT&T's proposal to eliminate certain long-term contracts that offer pricing discounts on TDM-based special access circuits it uses to connect business customers to its network.

Windstream asks FCC to investigate AT&T's special access increase proposals

Windstream is the latest service provider to ask the FCC to take a closer look at AT&T's proposal to eliminate discounts for five-year and longer term plans for its TDM-based special access services.

Wireline telecom scare fest: What's keeping telco executives up at night?

What's making wireline telecom executives scared to turn out the lights? We're serving up five telecom tales that are arousing anxiety in this industry segment.