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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Hibernia Networks, TE SubCom begin work on Express submarine cable system

Hibernia Networks is advancing its standing in the submarine cable market race, announcing that it is working with its network partner TE Connectivity to begin work on its Hibernia Express cable system.

Freescale, Huawei, ZTE employees among Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passengers

Employees of several Asia Pacific-based communications service providers and vendors were aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 at the time of its disappearance, including Huawei, competitor ZTE, U.S. company Freescale Semiconductor, and reportedly, China Telecom.

Tata lights up 100G services on TGN-P cable route linking U.S., Asia and Japan

Tata Communications will now provide both carrier and enterprise customers 100G optical transport solutions along the TGN-Pacific (TGN-P) submarine cable system that connects the U.S and Japan and three routes over the TGN-Intra-Asia (TGN-IA) market throughout Asia.

NSA taps into SeaMeWe-4 cable system, Orange threatens suit

The NSA's spying game has broadened to include the SeaMeWe-4 submarine cable system, according to a report in German magazine Der Spiegel citing a classified document.

GlobeNet wraps up submarine cable build between Miami and Colombia

GlobeNet, an emerging submarine cable player, has finished the buildout of its subsea network to Colombia and has named UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones as an anchor tenant.

Telstra Global adds 100G to Asia Pac UNITY submarine cable

Telstra Global has incorporated 100G optical technology on the UNITY submarine cable route, a move that will enable it to deliver higher speed services and greater diversity to its growing base of trans-Pacific and Asia Pacific customers.

CenturyLink traces San Juan Islands outage to severed submarine cable

CenturyLink is working to repair a cut on a submarine cable that connects Washington state's San Juan Islands to the mainland. The network outage has left island residents and businesses without access to phone or Internet service for the past week and prompted San Juan County officials to declare a state of emergency.

CenturyLink enhances connectivity for Savvis' data centers via Emerald Networks

CenturyLink has made another move to expand its global reach by purchasing capacity on Ireland-based Emerald Express submarine cable network, a move that will give it additional connectivity between North America and Europe.

Pacnet serves up 100G wavelength services between Asia Pacific, United States

Pacnet, an emerging submarine cable provider, is offering a 100G wavelength service between the Asia Pacific region and the United States to support what it says are "compute-intensive operations" from service providers and enterprises.

Big data, M2M go hand in hand; Arctic challenges submarine cable growth

Analyzing M2M data is a growing market segment that ABI Research predicts will climb 53 percent in the next five years--from $1.9 billion to $14.3 billion by 2018.