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Latest Headlines

Google Fiber raises pay-TV rates to $130 for new users

For those who loathe big cable, a monolithic Silicon Valley giant with a $392 billion market cap has always been seen as a better alternative for video and broadband services. But just like everyone else offering pay-TV products, Google Fiber is being forced to raise prices because of increased programming costs.

Week in research: Internet costs still high in Africa; Media streaming dominates home networks

Despite big improvements in telecommunications infrastructure on the African continent in the past five years, the quality and affordability of Internet services has not improved, a study conducted by Analysys Mason for the Internet Society finds.

AT&T implements $2 U-verse TV and $3 broadband equipment fees

AT&T has implemented a series of new fees on its U-verse broadband and IPTV customers as a way to recoup the costs of programming and end-user devices like the home network gateway.

TDS' Carlson: IPTV will be available in 3 additional markets this year

TDS said on Wednesday that it's on track with its IPTV service, incrementally adding customers in the seven markets it currently serves.

TiVo looks to regain competitive bite with price cuts

Probably flush with new confidence after a recent financial resurgence and dismissal of patent litigation, TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) has reduced the price on a number of DVR offerings, but typical of

Cable hits 21-year low as alternative delivery systems gain share

Quick quiz. What were you doing 21 years ago? If you said "watching cable television" you are among the same sized group that claims to be still watching cable TV today. Unlike 21 years ago, though,

Carrier IPTV connection rates up around the world

Worldwide subscriptions to IPTV rose to 17 million in the quarter ending June 30, a 11 percent increase from the previous quarter and a 95 percent increase from a year ago, says Point Topic.