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Latest Headlines

BSkyB, TalkTalk, CityFibre joint venture challenges BT's broadband hold

A new fiber to the premises (FTTP) joint venture formed by BSkyB, TalkTalk and CityFibre will provide up to 1 Gbps speed broadband in York as a way battle incumbent telco BT with their own broadband network.

TalkTalk fined by UK regulator

UK ISP TalkTalk has been hit with a £750,000 (€877,037) fine for making an excessive number of abandoned and silent calls during a marketing campaign in 2011.  

TalkTalk to introduce FTTC-based business broadband service

TalkTalk Business, the UK-based competitive provider's business services unit, on Monday announced it will begin offering its "SuperFast Broadband" service to local business, delivering up 80/20 Mbps of bandwidth to UK businesses.

BT Openreach to bring FTTC service to additional 114 telephone exchanges

BT Openreach (NYSE: BT) continues to make progress with its Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC)-based broadband service with a new plan to make the service available to 114 additional telephone exchanges by

BT cuts costs on wireline to wireless calls, but competitors say it's too little, too late

BT Retail (NYSE: BT) thinks it can one-up its competitors with lower cost calling between wireline and wireless calls. Fueled by a decision made by the U.K.'s telecom regulator Ofcom to reduce mobile

TalkTalk tops Ofcom's most complained-about service provider list

TalkTalk (LSE: TALK), an alternative UK-based wireline broadband service provider, has taken home the undistinguished honor of highest amount of consumer complaints collected by telecom regulator

Fujitsu plans to build rural UK open access fiber network

Fujitsu has hatched a plan to build an open access fiber-based broadband network in the rural UK with service provider partners TalkTalk (LSE: TALK) and Virgin Media (Nasdaq: VMED) and vendor Cisco (

TalkTalk, Virgin think BT's wholesale fiber prices are too high

BT (NYSE: BT) may be required to provide competitors with access to its copper and fiber-based networks, but competitive providers TalkTalk and Virgin Media believe that BT's wholesale fiber prices

TalkTalk debuts broadband speed measurement tool

The UK's TalkTalk is giving users a new way to see if they are actually getting the speed they are paying for with their new Broadband Internet Speed Checker service. With this service, customers

Ofcom wants ISPs to be honest about broadband speeds

Ofcom, the UK's telecom regulator, wants to ensure that broadband speeds service providers are advertising are actually getting the speeds that consumers are actually getting. New figures released by