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Latest Headlines

Verizon: NG-PON2 could enhance FTTP installation, set stage for customer self-provisioning

Verizon said that NG-PON2, the next generation of PON technology, will make the installation process for fiber-to-the-premises in residences and businesses more efficient.

Windstream's fiber-based data center drive could be boon for Dycom, other installers

As a competitive provider, having its own fiber in data centers gives Windstream a weapon to compete against the emergence of new dark fiber providers such as Cleareon entering these facilities.

Henkels & McCoy: Municipalities are embracing micotrenching, but cost remains a factor

Microtrenching  may have been around for over a decade to lay fiber conduit and other utility lines, but only now are construction companies like  Henkels  & McCoy seeing more municipalities embrace it.

CS&L's Tower Cloud purchase enhances exposure to Tier 1 wireless operators

Communications Sales & Leasing is buying Tower Cloud for $230 million in cash and stock, giving it a set of dark fiber and turnkey small cell services to further its appeal with Tier 1 wireless operators.

AT&T's Cicconi: Fiber, tower infrastructure is the secret sauce for 5G

AT&T (NYSE: T), like its other wireless competitors, is keen on the future capabilities that 5G wireless will bring. But in order to support those rollouts, which will be driven on small cells, the service provider will need access to various local infrastructure platforms.

Verizon's Silliman: Wheeler's regulatory approach at FCC has been a mixed bag

Craig Silliman, EVP of Public Policy and General Counsel of Verizon (NYSE: VZ), said in an interview with FierceTelecom that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's "proactive and aggressive approach is...

3M says new clear fiber pathway simplifies FTTH installation

3M has unveiled its new Clear Track fiber pathway products that the company said will eliminate the need for installers to splice or add connection points when running fiber from outdoors to indoors.

Verizon's Boston FiOS build is about fulfilling multiple wireline, wireless needs

Verizon's move to build out FiOS in Boston, which it announced in April as part of a six-year, $300 million plan, isn't your typical fiber roll out.

Frontier's McCarthy: Micro-trenching, directional boring are lowering FTTH build costs

Frontier isn't planning on a large expansion of its FTTH network in the areas it entered via its latest Verizon wireline facility acquisition, but a host of fiber installation innovations will help it retain costs.

AT&T offering $60K reward for information in murder of technician

AT&T is putting up a $60,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person (or persons) responsible for a killing a technician in Waco, Texas while he was on the job on April 22.