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Latest Headlines

AT&T, Chernin Group $500M online video pact plays into bandwidth, content hunger

AT&T's $500 million agreement to launch an over the top (OTT) video venture with The Chernin Group reflects the telco's move to enhance its growing video business with another option that plays into the consumer desire for content and higher bandwidth broadband services.

ILECs grew video, business and broadband power in Q1 2012

With the Q1 2012 earnings season coming to an end, FierceTelecom is taking the time to size up the performance of the top 10 ILECs. Take a look at how the big telecom players performed in terms of quarterly earnings, broadband and video subscriber additions, and M&A activity.

States mull eliminating landline voice mandates

An increasing number of state legislatures around the United States are responding favorably to lobbying push by telcos to repeal mandates requiring them to offer landline voice telephone service.

Telcos continued to encroach on cable's video empire in Q4 2011

Video may be cable's mainstay service, but as illustrated in the Q4 2011 numbers, but as illustrated in FierceCable's Q4 earnings roundup, telcos like AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) are

IPTV continues to gain ground over cable in the video fight

As we head into the Q3 2011 earnings season, Jim O'Neill, editor of FierceIPTV, examines how the telco's IPTV gain is cable's video loss as part of a series looking at the cable vs. telco broadband

Will low-cost service attract more people to broadband?

Telcos and cable operators like CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) and Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) are making efforts to extend broadband to lower income residents that up till now have not been able to afford any

Brazil telcos get green light to offer TV service

Brazil's IPTV market growth may be less than stellar, but that could change as the country's president Dilma Rousseff passed a law that eliminates restrictions on telcos providing pay TV. This latest

Putting America's broadband speeds to the test

This week, FierceTelecom takes a look at the FCC's "Measuring Broadband America" report, which is the commission's first nationwide test of residential wireline broadband services delivered by telcos

Bell Aliant Q2 earnings slip slightly, but broadband, IPTV results raise outlook

Bell Aliant (Toronto: BA-UN.TO) may have seen a slight 1 percent dip in Q2 2011 revenues to CAD 693 million (USD 734 million), but strong growth in broadband and IPTV drove it to increase its full

University of Wisconsin's broadband project clears legal challenge

It looks like the University of Wisconsin's dream to become an alternative broadband source has dodged a bullet as a Dane County judge denied Access Wisconsin's move to block the project from moving