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Latest Headlines

CenturyLink, Verizon, others sharpen their data analytics skills

The use of telecom analytics is becoming a bigger factor in the wireline segment of the telecom industry as service providers look to retain their customer base and get a better handle on their specific usage behaviors and preferences. 

French WiMAX licensees fail to meet buildout requirements

Seven WiMAX license holders in France are in default of their deployment obligations, according to French telecoms regulator Arcep, and it appears the operators don't want to heavily deploy a

ITU develops 'smart' guidelines to promote global broadband deployment

ITU thinks that if the telecom industry is truly dedicated to advancing global broadband deployments it will require a set of best practice guidelines. Revealed during the standards body's Global

Take our wireline telecom innovators quiz

As FierceTelecom prepares to release a special report later this month on 20 innovators who changed the face of the wireline industry, we're going to test your knowledge of telecom history. As part

FCC forms task force to speed up broadband deployment

Swift broadband deployment was the topic at the FCC this week as the commission hosted an FCC forum that saw Chairman Julius Genachowski announce the formation of an internal FCC task force dedicated

What Google broadband should mean to your telco business

Last week I was in Washington, D.C., to speak an event put on by the Joint Center for Politics and Economic. It was time well spent; not only did it continue the push for net neutrality, but also

With broadband funding, whose needs are we meeting? Page 2

Previous page It seems the agencies so far have tried to craft broadband rules in which few in the private sector, particularly incumbents lose out, lest there be a charge of government interference

Welcome, Chairman-to-be Genachowski; Hope you brought your waders

By Craig Settles And maybe you should bring a couple of shovels, too. The manure's already pretty deep as we work toward a meaningful national broadband strategy to transform local economies,