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Latest Headlines

THE WRAP: Taxing times for Vodafone, Apple displaces Sony Ericsson

This week Vodafone faced tax problems on two continents, while SK Telecom put Google and Apple in its crosshairs.   The Indian government sent Vodafone a $2.5 billion (

News In Brief: ZTE, Intel, Google, Zynga, Sony

ZTE will purchase $3b worth of chips over th

Telstra buys more 3G spectrum

Australia's biggest operator, Telstra, has bought spectrum for 1400 new sites in rural and remote areas of the country.   The incumbent has

THE WRAP: Apple, RIM bosses clash; Nokia turns a profit

This week Apple’s profit soared again, but Steve Jobs stole the headlines.   Announcing an iPhone 4-fueled rise in Apple profit,

Telstra, Vodafone end 3G joint venture

Australian operators Telstra and Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) will terminate their network sharing joint venture in 2012.   The operators will split assets from t

Telstra picks Widevine to deliver live Internet TV in Oz

Seattle-based digital entertainment services provider Widevine is teaming up with Australian telco Telstra to deliver linear broadcast television channels over the Internet. Telstra's BigPond TV

THE WRAP: iPhone 4 mania, RIM unveils tablet

This week iPhone 4 mania hit China and RIM jumped into tablets   China Unicom stopped taking

Telstra introduces self-service M2M platform

Australian operator Telstra has introduced a web-based self-service platform that allows organizations to manage M2M products themselves. Through its exclusive, multi-year agreement with Jasper

Telstra mulls 6,000 layoffs

Australian incumbent Telstra is considering slashing its workforce by 6,000 over the next three years as part of a cost efficiency drive.   The company plans to

Levin proposes alternative broadband roll out proposal

Blair Levin may no longer be the FCC's broadband ruler, but he thinks he has a solution that will bring broadband access to 97 of America at a cost of only $10 billion over ten years. This plan's