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Webwire: MS gives Win 8 taster; Cisco slashes revenue forecast

MS prev

Webwire: Broadcom acquires NetLogic; RIM settles Dolby suit

Broadcom to buy NetLogic for $3.7b Semiconductor

Refarming 1800MHz key to LTE roaming

There are plenty of incentives to refarm 1800MHz spectrum for LTE usage, but the biggest one may be to facilitate LTE roaming more quickly and widely, operators said Tuesday.  

LTE won't find its voice anytime soon

ITEM: Operators are unlikely to deploy voice solutions for LTE until the technology is ubiquitous enough to justify it.   That’s according to a panel of op

THE WRAP: SK Telecom buys spectrum, Telstra's new NBN snag

It was the week that saw SK Telecom score some high-priced spectrum, as Telstra hit new regulatory hurdles over the NBN and New Zealand officially turned its ISPs into copyright cops.

Telstra will stick to NBN plan despite Optus' potential absence

Telstra (ASX: TLS.AX), Australia's dominant wireline telco, said it intends to maintain its stance on working as a supplier to the government's National Broadband Network (NBN) even if its main

Forex losses push SingTel's profits down

SingTel’s first quarter profit fell 2.9%, due to forex woes and finance and tax expenses, despite higher revenue across the board.   The company

Telstra submits network separation plan to Australian telecom regulators

With its $11.6 billion network sale on the table, Telstra (ASX: TLS.AX) has put a plan in place detailing how it will migrate customers from its copper network to the government's National Broadband

Webwire: Samsung eyes top mobile rung: WP7 sales "very small"

Samsung targets top spot in mobile market Samsun

Telstra consolidates retail, sales teams into one unit

Telstra (ASX: TLS.AX) has decided to put both its retail and sales teams into one common division following its agreement to sell its wireline network infrastructure to the Australian government's