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Latest Headlines

VSG: tw telecom, XO, Level 3 take dominant competitive Ethernet position

tw telecom continues to enjoy a top spot in the competitive Ethernet market due to its aggressive buildout of its fiber network and new software-based capabilities, according to Vertical Systems Group's new Competitive Provider Business Ethernet Leaderboard.

tw telecom snags WAN Cloud B service contract from U.S. health department

tw telecom ratcheted another point in its public sector column by winning a contract from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide a new Wide Area Network (WAN – Cloud B) that will interconnect three HHS Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) site locations.

tw telecom sees Q4 revenue rise to $400M but expects fluctuations to impact 2014 sequential revenue

tw telecom reported that fourth-quarter revenues rose 5.9 percent to $400 million due to strong enterprise service growth, but it foresees some rocky spending patterns taking place in 2014.

tw telecom extends Ethernet network to Telehouse's Manhattan data center

tw telecom's move to extend its Ethernet network to TELEHOUSE in New York is another proof point of the growing wholesale fiber connectivity trend for data centers and Internet exchange providers.

tw telecom joins CLEC battle against AT&T's special access proposal

tw telecom, one of the largest competitive service providers, followed the route of other CLECs and asked the FCC to deny AT&T's proposal to eliminate certain long-term contracts that offer pricing discounts on TDM-based special access circuits it uses to connect business customers to its network.

tw telecom to expand metro, regional fiber network by 17 percent

tw telecom is increasing its addressable market by expanding its metro fiber footprint by 17 percent and hatching a plan to enter what it calls five new "high-demand" markets. It will also increase the density of its metro fiber footprint in 27 existing markets it already serves.

AT&T postpones special access rate increase following customer protests

AT&T is putting plans on hold to increase charges for special access services after facing an outcry from its wholesale competitive carrier customers.

Pacnet penetrates U.S. market with tw telecom E-NNI agreement

Pacnet, a competitive service provider focused on the Asia Pacific market, has established a new foothold in the U.S. business market by establishing an E-NNI (external network-to-network interconnection) agreement with tw telecom.

Service providers to make OTT home automation play; Broadband services drive SMB growth

A growing number of service providers are finding that home automation services are an add-on revenue stream for their broadband customer base. According to Infonetics Research, over 70 percent of survey respondents said they will offer home automation services by the end of this year.

tw telecom brings fiber-based services to 30 Bay Area data centers

tw telecom may not be a data center provider itself, but with its fiber now being connected to over 30 sites in the San Francisco Bay Area it's clear that it has become a key data center provider partner.