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Latest Headlines

CenturyLink could gain new leverage to expand Seattle broadband

CenturyLink might be gaining the leverage it needs to expand its broadband footprint throughout Seattle if current Mayor Ed Murray is able to ease the telco's ability to place remote terminal (RT) cabinets on sidewalks near residential homes, reports  The   Seattle Times.

eircom vectored DSL to reach 700,000 premises by end of March; telco sees potential in G.fast

Ireland incumbent telco eircom said that its deployment of VDSL2 vectoring technology on its fiber to the cabinet (FTTC) network will deliver speeds of up to 100 Mbps to 700,000 locations by the end of the month.

Hawaiian Telcom to serve up 500 Mbps consumer broadband service

Hawaiian Telcom is the latest incumbent telco to jump on the higher broadband speed bandwagon with the debut of a new 500/50 Mbps tier.

Belgacom introduces 70 Mbps VDSL2, vectored broadband service

Belgacom has unveiled a new VDSL2 vectoring service, offering speeds up to 70 Mbps, more than double the speed of its existing 30 Mbps VDSL2 service.

AT&T's Q4 consumer wireline revenues rise to $5.6 billion on strong U-verse gains

AT&T's wireline story in Q4 2013 was led by U-verse, where revenues grew 27.9 percent year-over-year and were up 7.0 percent sequentially over Q3 2013 as subscribers topped the 10.7 million mark. During the quarter, the telco saw a continued uptick in both U-verse broadband and video subscribers.

AT&T resolves issue that led to widespread U-verse Internet outage

AT&T U-verse Internet users were not able to access service yesterday due to an outage that affected a number of states where it offers the service, according to various reports.

KPN achieves 80 Mbps over copper with VDSL, vectoring

Netherlands-based telco KPN continues to make progress with its wholesale vectoring service rollout, extending the technology to 29 of its existing VDSL "Outer Rings."

Israel's Bezeq gets into VDSL2 game via Alcatel-Lucent

Bezeq, Israel's incumbent telco, has appointed Alcatel-Lucent as its VDSL2 and vectoring equipment provider to deliver higher speed broadband over its existing copper network.

DDoS appliances spurred by application-layer attacks; Content security, SSL VPN sales flat in Q3

A new raft of network attacks at the application layer is prompting both enterprises and service providers to increase investments in DDoS appliances, according to Infonetics Research.

Deutsche Telekom rolls out VDSL2 service to first 10 markets

Deutsche Telekom has begun offering its VDSL2 service to customers in the first 10 communities in its operating territory. Initially supporting up to 50 Mbps, the telco will implement vectoring on its copper lines to offer up to 100 Mbps in the second half of 2014.