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Latest Headlines

eircom vectored DSL to reach 700,000 premises by end of March; telco sees potential in G.fast

Ireland incumbent telco eircom said that its deployment of VDSL2 vectoring technology on its fiber to the cabinet (FTTC) network will deliver speeds of up to 100 Mbps to 700,000 locations by the end of the month.

Belgacom introduces 70 Mbps VDSL2, vectored broadband service

Belgacom has unveiled a new VDSL2 vectoring service, offering speeds up to 70 Mbps, more than double the speed of its existing 30 Mbps VDSL2 service.

KPN achieves 80 Mbps over copper with VDSL, vectoring

Netherlands-based telco KPN continues to make progress with its wholesale vectoring service rollout, extending the technology to 29 of its existing VDSL "Outer Rings."

Israel's Bezeq gets into VDSL2 game via Alcatel-Lucent

Bezeq, Israel's incumbent telco, has appointed Alcatel-Lucent as its VDSL2 and vectoring equipment provider to deliver higher speed broadband over its existing copper network.

Telstra, Alcatel-Lucent demonstrate 100 Mbps over existing copper

Telstra, Australia's incumbent telco, said it was able to transmit up to 100 Mbps of bandwidth over existing copper networks leveraging Alcatel-Lucent's VDSL2 and vectoring technology.

eircom says vectoring will enable 100 Mbps speeds on its FTTC network

eircom, Ireland's incumbent telco, is implementing vectoring on its hybrid copper and FTTC (fiber to the cabinet) last mile network, a move that will enable its wholesale customer to deliver up to 100 Mbps over existing copper.

Deutsche Telekom gets regulatory clearance for vectored VDSL services

Deutsche Telekom has gotten clearance from the country's regulator BNA and the European Commission to implement vectoring to increase the rate and reach of its existing VDSL network.

Dell'Oro: VDSL2 will only partially offset declining ADSL equipment sales

VDSL2 and its emerging partnering techniques, bonding and vectoring, have been hailed as the next-gen answer for the telco copper network, but according to a new Dell'Oro report on broadband equipment growth, they won't completely make up for slowing ADSL revenues.

Alcatel-Lucent, Telekom Austria demonstrate 1 Gbps over copper in G.fast trial

Alcatel-Lucent and A1, a Telekom Austria Group subsidiary, held a trial of the emerging G.fast vectoring standard where they delivered 1 Gbps-plus speeds over short distances on existing copper network connections to homes and businesses.

Alcatel-Lucent, Telekom Austria wring 1 Gbps from existing copper

Alcatel-Lucent and Telekom Austria Group subsidiary A1 claim to have broken the 1 Gbps broadband speed barrier using G.fast technology developed by Bell Labs over an existing copper telecommunications network.