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Latest Headlines

Cablevision threatens Verizon's lead in speed on Netflix index

Verizon may have maintained its No. 1 position On Netflix's ISP Speed Index for January, but it's was neck-in-neck with Cablevision.

Verizon's interconnection deal with Netflix pays off with No. 1 ISP ranking

Verizon FiOS has redeemed itself on Netflix's ISP Speed Index, jumping from the No. 10 spot to the top spot with an average speed of 3.17 Mbps.

Verizon extends FiOS network to Newark's 60 Park Place building

Verizon may have hung up on extending its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) FiOS service into new areas, but its recent move to wire 60 Park Place in Newark, N.J., shows that it is still keen on bringing the service to more users in its existing markets.

Frontier's Wilderotter says Google Fiber is driving hype, customer confusion

Frontier Communications took a jab at Google Fiber, which is considering rolling out its 1 Gbps fiber to the home (FTTH) in Portland, Ore., later this year, claiming that the Internet giant is trying to offer consumers what they don't need, reports  The Oregonian.

Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-verse trail Frontier and CenturyLink on Netflix's June speed index

Verizon may have moved to resolve network congestion issues that impact the quality of experience for its FiOS users that access Netflix's service, but the service provider instead dropped two places in Netflix's monthly speed index.

Verizon says it's working with Netflix to improve streaming quality

Verizon has taken the offensive--sort of--in sorting out complaints that its network is responsible for network congestion that impacts the quality of experience for its FiOS customers viewing Netflix.

Verizon imposes $1 fee on FiOS voice customers

Verizon's FiOS customers are being greeted with yet another fee as the telco has added a $1 charge to its FiOS voice bills.

AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS top Consumer Reports bundled services survey

Consumers lucky enough to be able to get an AT&T (NYSE: T) U-verse or a Verizon (NYSE: VZ) FiOS triple play service package, a new Consumer Reports survey reveals, continue to be happy with the

Verizon brings FiOS to upstate New York to challenge Time Warner Cable

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has decided that New York's Capital Region is a great place to take on dominant cable operator Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC-WI) with its FiOS triple play bundle. Announced last

Verizon extends 150 Mbps FiOS speed tier to SMBs

As promised, Verizon stuck to its word and is extending its 150/35 Mbps FiOS speed tier initially targeted at consumers to the SMB market. SMB customers in parts of California, Connecticut, Delaware,