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Latest Headlines

Report: Vodafone in acquisition talks with Spain's Ono

Vodafone is reportedly in talks with the owners of Spanish cable operator Ono and could announce a deal in the next few weeks, according to Bloomberg.

AT&T says it does not intend to make a bid for Vodafone

AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson has reportedly made use of the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss various regulatory issues with European regulators including M&A, although on Monday the US operator denied rumours that it intends to made a bid for Vodafone.

Report: Vodafone target Ono prepares €7B IPO

Speculation is mounting that Spanish operator Ono is preparing a flotation that could value it at €7 billion, while rumours persist that Vodafone is still interesting in buying the TV, broadband and telecoms operator as part of its European convergence strategy.

Report: Vodafone plots massive deal to become India's biggest operator

Vodafone is reportedly considering a multibillion-euro deal to buy a majority stake in Tata Teleservices in a move that would turn the UK-based operator into the largest telecoms player in India, ahead of current market leader Airtel.

Vodafone given green light to increase India unit stake

Vodafone has been allowed to increase its stake in its Indian unit to 100 per cent from 64 per cent after India's Foreign Investment Promotion Board approved the move.

3 UK adopts stealth approach to LTE launch

If you are a 3 UK customer and have recently bought an LTE device such as an iPhone 5s, you may find yourself unexpectedly able to access LTE networks, depending on where you live.

Vodafone launches NFC mobile wallet in Europe

Vodafone is rolling out its Near Feld Communications-based mobile wallet service in Europe, and said this is the first European mobile payment service to be based on the open-standard GlobalPayment platform.

Putting the fun back into European telecoms

Nokia shareholders ushered in a new chapter for the company this week after they agreed to the sale of the devices and services unit to Microsoft and essentially gave the green light for a future based on networks. Like Ericsson, the Finnish company will no doubt have taken heart from Vodafone's stated intention to maintain high levels of network investment over the next two years and maybe beyond.

Vodafone CEO would not say no to admirers of his 'beautiful assets'

Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao's comments that the operator has "beautiful assets" made amusing headlines, but Colao was also making a serious point: while his focus is on expanding the company's networks, Colao said he would be open to a buyer if they were interested enough.

Telefonica, Vodafone testing LTE Advanced carrier aggregation

Following the lead of EE in the United Kingdom, fellow European operators Telefonica and Vodafone have jumped on the LTE Advanced carrier aggregation bandwagon with testing underway in Germany.