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Latest Headlines

Vodafone hits 500,000 UK LTE users, extends LTE roaming to 18 countries

Vodafone took a further step forward in its LTE strategy by announcing it has reached 500,000 LTE subscribers in the UK, and is also extending LTE roaming services to more of its markets across the globe under its £7 billion (€8.5 billion) Project Spring investment programme.

Orange Cash mobile payments service goes live

Orange has launched its Orange Cash NFC mobile payment service in two cities in France, continuing a spate of mobile payment and banking announcements across Europe.

Vodafone spends $3B on Indian spectrum during taxing times

Vodafone continued its spending spree in India after the operator won spectrum licences worth around $3 billion following the conclusion of an auction that raised a total of about 611.62 billion rupees ($9.8 billion or €7.2 billion)- much more than expected- for the Indian government.

Vodafone Ireland, ESB synch up on FTTP network plan

Vodafone Ireland is in talks with Irish utility Electricity Supply Board (ESB) about jointly building a Greenfield $545 million fiber to the premises (FTTP) network that would serve 450,000 homes and businesses.

For zero-rated deals, OTT providers can no longer assume the carrier will pay

Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao discussed a multitude of topics during his recent visit to New York, ranging from how much the operator could spend on future acquisitions (up to $40 billion) to whether US operators would be able to do a better job in Europe (unlikely, he said). According to reports, Colao also revealed that Vodafone had turned down a request from Facebook to "zero rate" its content by excluding it from counting towards a subscriber's mobile data plan in certain emerging markets.

Vodafone could have up to $40B to spend on M&A, says CEO

Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao said the company could have a war chest of between $30 billion (€21.9 billion) and $40 billion for future mergers and acquisitions, and added that no deal should be too big if it made strategic sense. However, any plans for Spain are up in the air for now as Ono decides to pursue an IPO.

Vodafone strikes MoneyGram M-Pesa deal, as Misys buys mobile banking expertise

Mobile operator Vodafone and financial software provider Misys made separate moves in the mobile payment and banking sectors this week, at a time when analysts say the future of the industry remains up for grabs.

Deutsche Telekom buys rest of Czech unit, as Vodafone said to make Ono move

European mergers and acquisitions moved into overdrive on Monday as Deutsche Telekom confirmed it has agreed to buy the rest of its Czech unit for €0.8 billion ($1.1 billion), and reports said Vodafone has contacted Ono's owners about a possible acquisition of the Spanish cable company.

Vodafone becomes latest carrier to back Ubuntu

Vodafone has joined other carriers in the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group, a consortium of mobile operators participating in technology discussions around the Linux-based operating system.

Vodafone charts steady course amid European turbulence

Vodafone revealed an almost 10 per cent decline in European service revenue to £6.5 billion (€7.8 billion) in its fiscal third quarter as conditions remained challenging in the region, but the company remained positive about its strategy to tackle this downward trend through increased efficiency, network investments and a focus on unified communications and emerging markets.