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Latest Headlines

Rumour mill: Are Vodafone and O2 stalking 3UK?

The merger of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK--approved by the EU earlier this week--has provoked analysts into speculating what action Vodafone and O2 might take given they both now face a much larger

Nexus One set for April launch in UK

Google seems to have pulled rank on Vodafone over when to launch its Nexus One in the UK, insisting the unit should launch in April rather than March.   Vodafone w

O2 chases iPhone market with price cuts

Having gained hugely from its exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the UK, O2 has responded to growing competition from Vodafone, Orange and Tesco Mobile with the launch of a new SIM-only contract.

Handset vendors and operators stalk satnav firms

Following the success of the free satnav services on offer from Nokia and Google, insiders claim that some of the leading handset manufacturers and mobile operators are looking to acquire the

Vodafone Spain tests HSPA as DSL competitor

Operators have always looked to the relatively low cost of wireless to address underserved broadband communities, but for cellcos, that has meant investing in an additional technology such as

Vodafone Spain trials HSPA as ADSL replacement

A six-month trial is underway in Spain that will investigate the potential for HSPA being a substitute for fixed line ADSL services. Vodafone Spain said that 100 households in the town of San Quirze

Vodafone CEO alerts industry to data explosion

The likelihood of mobile networks being swamped by smartphone-generated mobile data traffic was high on the agenda at last week's Mobile World Congress. Even the CEO of Vodafone, Vittorio Colao,

MWC numbers up, as theory becomes action

The GSM Association defied all the odds by growing attendance at the Mobile World Congress by 2,000 delegates to 49,000

Barcelona roundup: on the ground at MWC

Tens of thousands of attendees descended upon Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress trade show this year. Microsoft, Nokia and Intel dominated the early announcements, but there have also been

Google dominance bad for mobile, says Colao

Vodafone boss Vittorio Colao kicked off the Mobile World Congress Tuesday with a call for open platforms and more competition across the value chain – especially the parts that Google...