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Latest Headlines

O2, Vodafone expected to expand network sharing deal: 3UK CTO

Holding up its network sharing agreement with T-Mobile UK as a case study for other operators, the CTO of 3UK, Graham Baxter, has claimed that European service providers would need to cut their

Google denied NexusOne trademark

UK could hold 2.6GHz and dividend auctions this year

The UK has experienced almost as many delays to its next round of spectrum auctions as India, and now seems likely to sell the 2.6GHz and the digital dividend licenses at the same time.

European carriers must merge networks to survive: 3

European carriers must merge their network infrastructure if they hope to simultaneously cut costs and meet growing network speed and quality demands, 3 UK has said.  

News In Brief: BT, Motorola, MS, Vodafone, Sistema Shyam

BT is taking advantage of an Ofcom ruling it says allo

Vodafone's Wayfinder navigation service closed; but offers free e-books

Having paid US$30 million a little more than a year ago to acquire the Swedish mapmaker Wayfinder, Vodafone has now decided to close the handset-based navigation service. The company has blamed the

German spectrum auction stumbles; nine apply for Dutch frequencies

Having set the stage to become one of the first European countries to auction digital dividend spectrum, Germany's plans could be scuppered by legal action brought by two operators. E-Plus and O2

Vodafone cuts jobs to become more customer focused

Vodafone UK is stripping out 375 mainly back office personnel in an attempt to put the emphasis on better understanding what customers need. The job losses are scheduled to take place in the next two

Sales forecast slashed for Google's Nexus One- 70% down

Launched with huge pizazz last year, Google's entry into the handset market is turning sour as shipments fail to reach expectations after the company had promised to reshape consumers' smartphone

Kabel Deutschland plans $1 billion IPO

Germany's largest cable TV group, Kabel Deutschland hopes to raise $1 billion through an initial public offering of 45 million shares. Kabel, which serves more than 9 million subscribers in 13 of