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Latest Headlines

Vodafone CEO touts openness, warns of Google's dominance

During the keynote address Tuesday at Mobile World Congress, Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao touted his company's openness and warned about Google's dominance in the mobile search and advertising market.

Cellcos to create wholesale apps ecosystem

Twenty-four operators have banded together with the GSM Association to create a apps community that aims to unite developers with a wholesale ecosystem that offers a single entry point and easy d

Vodafone launches €12 phone

Vodafone has launched what it says is the world's cheapest phone, which it plans to sell in developing markets for under $15 (€12).   The operator has debuted two lo

Telefonica looks to lift China Unicom holding--speculation rife on more deals

Telefonica has confirmed it wants to increase its shareholding in China Unicom from the current 8.37 per cent. The company has previously indicated it would like to boost its stake to around 10 per

Vodafone launches own brand phones; backs away from German cable bid

Ignoring the opportunity of making the announcements at MWC, Vodafone has unveiled a clutch of new handsets that will carry the company's own brand. Leading the pack is a device manufactured by

Mobile broadband speeds still disappointing consumers

Average mobile broadband speeds stood at just over 1Mb in 2009--despite providers advertising ever-faster top speeds. New research from more than 6,000 mobile broadband speed tests showed that

Voice down, but data up for Vodafone

The Vodafone Group has reported that, although voice revenues continue to decline, its revenues from data services have punched through the £1 billion barrier for the first time. Figures for

Vodafone confident on 2010 performance

Vodafone is confident it will turn an operating profit of £11.4-11.8 billion ($18-18.7 billion) in fiscal 2010, after growing revenues in FYQ310, which covers the three months to end December

News In Brief: Vodafone, Hansenet, Ericsson, Nokia

Global semiconductor sales in 2009 reached $226.3 billion (€162.4 billion), down 9% on 2008’s sales of $248.6 billion, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association.

Vodafone Germany launches two-pronged VDSL assault

After hatching a pilot VDSL deployment last July, Vodafone Germany will bring the service to 750 municipal areas in a dual phase strategy that will leverage its own network as well as rented