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Latest Headlines

Motorola sues Huawei over trade secrets; Qualcomm posts unexpected high earnings

> Although unit shipments in 1Q10 for the Worldwide WLAN market decreased by 9.4 percent quarter-over-quarter, it increased by 4.8 percent year-over-year. That increase was fueled primarily by

Vodafone's board needs a revamp, claims shareholder group

The Vodafone board of directors needs a vigorous overhaul, claims a leading investor group, worried that the company is suffering from strategic weaknesses and a disastrous acquisitions record. The

Vodafone sheds 10% of Irish workforce

Vodafone Ireland will aim to cut over 10% of its staff, following the recommendations of an internal review.   The company has told employees of the plan to cut around

Hungary gets mobile tender back on track

Hungary will re-open the tender for a fourth mobile license in the country that was abandoned early 2009 due to the global economic crisis.   The government hopes to ra

Italian government encourages Telecom Italia, unions to find common ground

The Italian government has asked Telecom Italia (NYSE: TI), which has proposed cutting 6,800 employees from its workforce, to work out a deal with the country's labor unions that have protested the

UK Spectrum auction to get green light

The UK government aims to raise £5 billion from the forthcoming spectrum auction that it hopes will be given state approval later this month. If granted, then the auction could commence next

News In Brief: Alcatel-Lucent, Vodafone Germany, Synchronoss, Nokia, Technicolor (Thompson), Amazon, Microsoft, Movial, Deutsche

Alcatel-Lucent yesterday launched a unified communication and collaboration product for small- and medium-sized businesses that allows the

Regulator encourages Telecom Italia to help with open access fiber network

Italy's main telecom regulator Agcom wants the country's incumbent carrier Telecom Italia to play nice with three competitors (Vodafone, FastWeb and Wind) who are building out their own joint

Italy demands fiber collaboration

Telecom Italia should bury the hatchet and work with rivals to roll out a nationwide next-generation fiber network, the Italian regulator said yesterday.   AGCOM wants

DoCoMo embracing LTE MVNOs from the start

Operators all over the world are realizing they need to incorporate some non-traditional models to offset the cost of LTE. As such, NTT DoCoMo has indicated it will embrace LTE wholesale partners