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Latest Headlines

Another Telecom NZ failure, another exec walks

Telecom New Zealand mobile services have once more failed, prompting the exit of yet another senior executive.  

Clearwire's Morrow re-ignites 4G standards debate

LAS VEGAS--Bill Morrow, CEO of WiMAX operator Clearwire, said he isn't looking to wage a standards war with LTE. In fact, he told the audience at the CTIA Wireless 2010 trade show here that he

Vivendi mulls options: chase SFR, or enter emerging markets

Having gained US$5.8 billion from the sale of its stake in NBC Universal, Vivendi is reported to be looking to use this war chest to acquire Vodafone's 44 per cent holding in SFR. If unsuccessful,

Vodafone's femto service goes intermittent

Having relaunched its femtocell service earlier this year, Vodafone would appear to be failing to match up to its new marketing slogan- ‘Only Vodafone can guarantee mobile signal in your

News In Brief: HOL, Transmode, BT, Sprint, Google, Xobni

Greek telcos Hellas Online (HOL) and Forthnet are discus

O2, Vodafone expected to expand network sharing deal: 3UK CTO

Holding up its network sharing agreement with T-Mobile UK as a case study for other operators, the CTO of 3UK, Graham Baxter, has claimed that European service providers would need to cut their

Google denied NexusOne trademark

UK could hold 2.6GHz and dividend auctions this year

The UK has experienced almost as many delays to its next round of spectrum auctions as India, and now seems likely to sell the 2.6GHz and the digital dividend licenses at the same time.

European carriers must merge networks to survive: 3

European carriers must merge their network infrastructure if they hope to simultaneously cut costs and meet growing network speed and quality demands, 3 UK has said.  

News In Brief: BT, Motorola, MS, Vodafone, Sistema Shyam

BT is taking advantage of an Ofcom ruling it says allo