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Latest Headlines

U.S. refuses to sign WCIT-12 treaty; controversial document gives ITU more Internet control

As the WCIT-12 conference in Dubai moved into its final two days, the U.S. delegation announced that it will not sign the revised international telecommunication regulations (ITRs).

WCIT hits the fan over Internet regulation

FierceTelecom is tracking some developing controversy at the ongoing World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT). The United Arab Emirates, backed by other countries, including Russia, has submitted a proposal targeting changes to current international telecom regulations on Internet governance.

At WCIT-12, UAE submits surprise 'multi-regional' proposal on ITRs

While talks at the World Conference on International Telecommunications continued Friday, indications are that week two could be a good deal more controversial than the event's troubled first week, as the United Arab Emirates announced it will submit a surprise "multi-regional" proposal regarding the International Telecommunication Regulations backed by other Arab states and Russia.

At ITU's Dubai conference, what's not being said about Internet freedom rings loudest

The United States and Internet freedom advocates worldwide have sounded the alarm about the WCIT conference being held in Dubai from Dec. 3-14. At stake, they say, is the right to free and unrestricted expression, and the foundation of the Internet itself. But to hear the ITU talk about it, this historic conference is really nothing important.