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Latest Headlines

TalkTalk tops Ofcom's most complained-about service provider list

TalkTalk (LSE: TALK), an alternative UK-based wireline broadband service provider, has taken home the undistinguished honor of highest amount of consumer complaints collected by telecom regulator

BT to bring ADSL2+ to 80% of UK homes

BT Wholesale (NYSE: BT) plans to enable more of its telephone exchanges with ADSL2+ to serve about 80 percent of UK homes and businesses by the end of this year. Currently available in over 1,017

Endstream gets CLEC license in Florida

Endstream, an emerging retail and wholesale competitive provider, will soon be able to offer its suite of services to medium and large businesses and carriers in Florida. Beginning in Q2 2011, the

Network sharing is pragmatic way forward

Previously, Ovum has argued that the challenges of slowing revenue growth and the investment re

US Signal completes Illinois long-haul fiber network expansion

US Signal, a competitive retail/wholesale provider serving the Midwest U.S. region, has put the final touches on its long-haul fiber network connecting Southern and Central Illinois. The new network

Sidera Networks to acquire Long Island Fiber Exchange

Sidera Networks may be just a few months old, but the competitive provider's purchase of Long Island Fiber Exchange, Inc. ("LIFE") shows that it sees M&A as a key element of its growth strategy.

Take a look at our new Ethernet exchange eBook

I'd like to call your attention to another eBook FierceTelecom is debuting today titled Ethernet Exchanges Make the Interconnection. Albeit still an emerging concept, an Ethernet exchange is a

Redesigning backhaul

It's been understood for some time that mobile operators need to upgrade their base station backhaul links in order to cope with the growing traffic demands of 3.5G data services being driven by do

Partnerships the key to wholesale biz

Wholesale carriers need to partner smartly to grow the business, and look to the mobile sector for clues on how to move forward, experts said Tuesday.   Partnership was

TelePacific's O1 Communications acquisition strengthens its SMB service ties

By acquiring 01 Communications, TelePacific Communications--a CLEC that's focused its attention on the California and Nevada SMB markets--instantly put more SMB customers into its hands. Although the