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Latest Headlines

Shentel fiber sales drive to $10M as E-Rate, tower business rise

Shentel's wireline network success in the first quarter, which contributed to the provider's net income rise of 35 percent year over year to $13.9 million, was driven by fiber sales to schools via the FCC's E-Rate program and to wireless operators in its region.

Zayo expands fiber footprint to serve 300 additional towers in San Antonio, Austin

Zayo has expanded its fiber-to-the-tower footprint in San Antonio to serve one of its anchor wireless service provider customers, furthering its presence in the growing dark fiber to the tower segment.

Verizon, Sprint C-RAN desires may spur a wholesale windfall for Zayo, FairPoint and others

Verizon's and Sprint's pending movement to C-RAN architectures for their small cell and wireless densification efforts will likely become a large opportunity for a host of fiber wholesale providers like FairPoint, Lumos and Zayo.

Zayo piggybacks new enterprise, content providers deals on dark fiber backhaul builds

Zayo continues to gain momentum in the fiber-to-the-cell market (FTTC) with a number of major wireless operators, but those builds are being leveraged and extended to serve a host of other opportunities.

Lumos improved fiber installation to business, cell sites by 90 percent in 2015

Lumos has set some ambitious goals for its fiber roll out in its Virginia market, adding more on-net buildings to its fiber network and conducting 825-mile fiber network expansion – two milestones that were enabled by accelerating its fiber installation process.

Lumos lays foundation to spin out fiber-centric company in 2017

Lumos Networks is putting together a foundation to potentially create a fiber-centric company by the end of the year that would focus on selling wholesale and retail services to carriers and enterprise customers in its territory.

Sprint's special access reform call paints contradictory picture to regulators, Wall Street, says IIA

Sprint may be leading efforts to reform regulation of special access circuits it rents from large incumbent telcos like AT&T and Verizon, but the Internet Innovation Alliance claims the wireless operator is giving regulators a contradictory picture of the special access market.

Zayo, Crown Castle, other dark fiber providers could get revenue boost from C-RAN fronthaul, says Well Fargo

As wireless operators move forward with their C-RAN deployments, it could spell new opportunities for a host of competitive fiber providers and tower providers like Zayo Group and Crown Castle that offer dark and lit fiber services.

Shentel expands Mid-Atlantic fiber network to pursue new business, wireless backhaul opportunities

Shentel is expanding its fiber network in parts of four states, enabling the provider to pursue a mix of dark and lit fiber-based services for business and wholesale wireless customers.

Small cell backhaul to contribute 25% of backhaul transport revenue by 2020

With wireless operators like Sprint and Verizon moving forward with their respective small cell plans, a new Dell'Oro Group report has forecast that small cell backhaul will contribute about 25 percent of mobile backhaul transport revenue by 2020.