AT&T today announced a collaboration with VeloCloud to release a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution by 2017.

AT&T today rebranded its fiber-based GigaPower service to simply “AT&T Fiber.” The company also added 11 more metro markets to its fiber rollout plans.

Google said it closed its acquisition of Webpass, and promised that it would expand the company’s point-to-point wireless service.

Lumos Networks is seeing significant uptake by enterprises of its latest mid-Atlantic fiber route, Norfolk/Hampton Roads, Virginia.

AT&T’s new broadband over powerline technology, Project AirGig, is catching the eye of Wisconsin’s rural utility providers and local officials alike.

Systemic problems continue to ail the aging copper networks of rural New Jersey, and Verizon's plan for improving the service recently came under fire.

AT&T said it will rebrand its Network Functions on Demand service into the FlexWare brand.

AT&T GigaPower subscribers will no longer have to give up some of their privacy in order to get the current lowest price available for 1 Gbps FTTH in their…