AT&T has been accused by the NDIA of "digital redlining" in Cleveland, or passing over lower-income neighborhoods with broadband upgrades.

Lightower has joined wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon's outcry against local communities that have hindered small cell network builds.   

A group of senators met with the FCC to talk about the merits of the current net neutrality rules.

AT&T's CFO said the carrier could surpass its FCC commitment to build out fiber to the premises (FTTP) services to 12.5 million homes.

FairPoint has been awarded $36.7 million in New York Broadband Phase 2 grants, enabling it to more effectively expand broadband in rural parts of the state.

The FCC set new rules for a “reverse auction” aimed at providing nearly $2 billion for rural broadband deployment.

AT&T, CenturyLink and Verizon’s latest pole pole attachment proposal has been met with protest from NCTA and Incompas.

TDS Telecom will use $75.1 million in FCC funds to expand broadband to 160,000 rural locations.