CenturyLink has stopped its one-year DSL usage cap trial in Washington state and is crediting users that were charged overage fees.

CenturyLink is seeking the FCC’s permission to shut down a number of low-speed data and analog services in 24 states.

Tom Wheeler says that that the current FCC's proposed reversal of net neutrality will do nothing but aid large ISPs’ position as dominant providers.

Level 3 says its pending merger with CenturyLink won't affect the delivery of its wholesale access products.

Sonic, a competitive ISP serving the California market, says getting access to multidwelling units (MDUs) is important to build its customer base.

President Donald Trump nominated FCC staffer Brendan Carr as the regulator's next Republican commissioner.

Consolidated has received a green light from Vermont regulators to proceed with its pending acquisition of FairPoint.

The U.S. will require $130 billion to $150 billion in new fiber infrastructure over the next 5-7 years to support wireline and 5G wireless broadband services.