CWA says that the FCC’s special access proposal will reduce new broadband investments for businesses and drive ILECs to cut their workforce.

The FCC is going to propose a toned down special access reform proposal that would mainly address lower-speed TDM-based services.

CenturyLink said the Verizon-Incompas price cap model for special access reform will drive "extreme and arbitrary" rate reductions, and filed its own…

The patent tug-of-war between Metaswitch and Genband continued this week as a U.S. District Court found that Metaswitch infringed on seven of Genband’s patents.

Verizon and industry group Incompas' joint suggestions to the FCC on business data services (BDS) may be "the leading proposal," a research firm…

The internet’s domain naming system has officially been put into the hands of ICANN, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that is advised by a global committee.

Systemic problems continue to ail the aging copper networks of rural New Jersey, and Verizon's plan for improving the service recently came under fire.

Verizon is once again fighting claims made by the CWA that the telco is not maintaining its copper network, this time in Pennsylvania.