FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler told attendees during the CCA event that wireless operators need access to competitively priced wireless backhaul.

Verizon and XO claim that 96 percent of the buildings they serve have at least two fiber providers offering business services.

CenturyLink said telco won’t know the full impact of the FCC's business data services (BDS) order until the regulator releases it.

FairPoint has implemented a $3 “Broadband Cost Recovery Fee,” a move that could irk residential customers in a region that has more competitive options.

Verizon and Incompas’ joint business data services proposal has gotten the support of several state and local trade associations.

CenturyLink and Frontier say the FCC and the joint Verizon/Incompas special access proposals will harm ILECs and new entrants.

Consolidated Communications says a large portion of its footprint it passes can get 20 Mbps, enabling to surpass the FCC’s 10/1 Mbps CAF-II requirement.

Lumos says the FCC should not impose pricing rules on competitive fiber providers that reside in markets where a large ILEC is present.