AT&T has made a request to the FCC to shut down three of its legacy Ethernet services due to weak demand and movement to newer services.

AT&T said claims that the telco is ignoring the needs of lower-income residential broadband customers in Ohio are false.

Incompas wants the FCC to end anticompetitive broadband practices in multi-dwelling units and multi-tenant environments.

New York State leaders say their ambitious $500 million broadband expansion will be completed by the end of 2018.

AT&T has asked the FCC to consider a set of new targeted reforms to the current pole attachment process.

A district court dismissed AT&T’s suit against Louisville, Kentucky, for its One Touch Make Ready (OTMR) ordinance.

The FCC said it would continue to accept comments on its net neutrality proceeding for another two weeks.

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a motion to stay the effect of the FCC’s reform of its rules governing BDS.