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Latest Headlines

DirecTV eyes online service for 'price-sensitive' customers

DirecTV disappointed expectations that it would announce a new online video service last week. But it told investors at a conference it held in New York that it's looking into whether an online service might appeal to price-sensitive customers and niche audiences.

Roku 3 boxes finally get YouTube app

Owners of some Roku boxes in certain countries are finally able to access YouTube through the device. Roku said a YouTube channel is now available for its flagship Roku 3 streaming box.

Cisco lowers its revenue, earnings estimates

Cisco has forecast that its mid-term revenue and earnings will be 3-6 percent per year, down from 5-7 percent as it sees issues with emerging markets, slower customer spending and lackluster core network equipment growth.

DDoS appliances spurred by application-layer attacks; Content security, SSL VPN sales flat in Q3

A new raft of network attacks at the application layer is prompting both enterprises and service providers to increase investments in DDoS appliances, according to Infonetics Research.

Analyst expects DirecTV streaming announcement

DirecTV could announce a new streaming TV service, Citigroup analyst Jason Bazinet wrote in a note to investors according multiple reports. DirecTV is set to host an investor day Thursday.

Elemental shows off real-time 4K HEVC encoding

Elemental Technologies is touting its ability to process 4K video using advanced codecs in real time. 

Moving the big data: video transport providers keep sporting events, Hollywood on path

While consumer video content, like Netflix and YouTube, is front and center in the IP entertainment revolution, other critical but lesser-known content service providers are rising in the background.

Content and broadband providers put the squeeze on CDNs

CDNs look like they're getting squeezed. On one side, broadband providers are building their own CDN capabilities or acquiring CDNs outright. On the other, the biggest content providers are deploying their own CDN-like infrastructure.

Verizon agrees to buy EdgeCast

Verizon is buying a CDN. The carrier said its Verizon Digital Media Services group agreed to buy EdgeCast Networks, a content delivery network based in Santa Monica, Calif.

Cisco, Juniper maintain top router spots with new products, report says

Cisco and Juniper continue to remain the dominant core router service players, a position that was further cemented by the introduction of new products in the recent financial quarter, according to a new Dell'Oro report.