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Latest Headlines

Content and broadband providers put the squeeze on CDNs

CDNs look like they're getting squeezed. On one side, broadband providers are building their own CDN capabilities or acquiring CDNs outright. On the other, the biggest content providers are deploying their own CDN-like infrastructure.

Verizon agrees to buy EdgeCast

Verizon is buying a CDN. The carrier said its Verizon Digital Media Services group agreed to buy EdgeCast Networks, a content delivery network based in Santa Monica, Calif.

Cisco, Juniper maintain top router spots with new products, report says

Cisco and Juniper continue to remain the dominant core router service players, a position that was further cemented by the introduction of new products in the recent financial quarter, according to a new Dell'Oro report.

Google Fiber irks Kansas City residents by placing RT cabinet in middle of sidewalk

Google Fiber's unusual placement of a utility cabinet that houses its fiber equipment--in the middle of a sidewalk--has incited the rage of Kansas City, Mo., residents, reports local FOX News network affiliate WDAF TV.

Broadcast-only DVR provider Tablo faces uphill funding, promotional battle

Selling a broadcast-only video DVR would seem like an easy proposition as consumers continue to ditch cable for online video. However, Tablo, an emerging web and broadcast-only DVR project, has found out that executing on this idea is anything but easy.

Funding, promotional challenges could doom broadcast-only DVR market

A new web-connected, broadcast-only DVR project is trying to raise money on Indiegogo. The would-be makers of Tablo have turned to the crowdfunding site to fund and promote its new hardware. But a device that seems like a surefire hit is facing plenty of challenges.

Vivendi gets board approval for SFR telecom business, names Bollore as chairman

Vivendi has made it official that it will separate its telecom unit from its growing media and content activities and has named Vincent Bollore as its new chairman.

Ranking the super DVRs

DVRs are getting bigger. In the pay-TV arms race, storage capacity and the number of tuners viewers can simultaneously use to record programs escalated this year.

The case for Intel's OnCue: It's worth the rumored $500M price tag

How crazy is Intel to expect someone to pay $500 million for OnCue? The price tag, reported this week by Bloomberg, seems high. Though Intel's would-be over-the-top pay-TV service has been in closed trials with some Intel employees, it never launched commercially and has no subscribers.

Holiday promotion madness: Online video providers, vendors vie for subscribers and sales

How are online video providers going after new subscribers this holiday season? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming, a few are already gearing up the marketing machine to entice viewers to switch to their channel or purchase their online video-capable equipment.