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Latest Headlines

Windstream sets Western market expansion with 500G route from Denver to Chicago and Dallas

Windstream is laying a foundation to expand its wholesale service presence in the Western market by lighting a set of new diverse 500G routes from Denver to Chicago and Dallas.

Mobile backhaul set to regain momentum, head toward $45B in sales

Sales of equipment used to transport mobile traffic may have plateaued somewhat as LTE deployments near completion, but the need for backhaul isn't going away anytime soon-- and sales will likely climb back onto a growth track, reaching $45 billion worldwide by 2019.

Arcep orders SFR to comply with Free Mobile site sharing requests

SFR was ordered to urgently open access to its masts to rival French mobile operator Free Mobile by regulator Arcep, in a move that could set a precedent for all of the nation's mobile operators.

Tele2 Netherlands seeks to drown subscribers with LTE data deluge

Tele2 said it aims to enable Dutch mobile users to "drown themselves in data" after launching an LTE Advanced (LTE-A) network in the Netherlands.

T-Mobile makes Netflix, Hulu and other streaming video data free with Binge On

LOS ANGELES-- T-Mobile US at its Uncarrier X event here announced Binge On, its new offering to provide video streaming from select online video providers at no extra charge to all its customers who subscribe to 3 GB or higher data plans. Much like its Music Freedom announcement, T-Mobile said that it currently supports free video streaming from 24 video providers, and that it would add more providers in the future based on customer and provider demand.

Ericsson expects network gear market to grow more slowly than before, but pins hopes on emerging opportunities

Ericsson cut its outlook for how much the network equipment will grow over the next few years, but still said it aimed to grow faster than the market. The company also thinks it will be aided by a new partnership it unveiled yesterday with Cisco to integrate existing gear, combine some sales and consulting efforts potentially jointly develop new hardware and services.

Ericsson and Cisco: praise for the non-merger

The news broke this week that mobile network supremo Ericsson and Cisco, a pervasive and dominant force in IP networking, plan to form a partnership rather than merging in order to benefit from each other's strengths in a changing and increasingly competitive world.

AT&T to begin paying American Tower for changes to tower sites in 2016

AT&T will start paying American Tower every time it adds a piece of equipment to a tower in 2016. The contract change should be a benefit for American Tower, which believes AT&T will need to add new equipment to its towers.  Moreover, American Tower signed a new master lease agreement (MLA) with AT&T covering the carrier's Mexican wireless assets.

Cisco, Ericsson to jointly develop SDN/NFV solutions

Cisco and Ericsson plan to jointly develop a series of SDN and NFV solutions as part of a broader strategic global business and technology partnership that will highlight the capabilities of both companies

Startup uBeam reveals details of ultrasound wireless charging technology

Wireless startup uBeam, a developer of wireless charging technology that uses ultrasound to transmit energy, has faced intense skepticism over its technology, despite having raised $23.4 million in venture capital. So the company revealed some details about its technology, which, as  TechCrunch  notes, relies on transmitters on a room's walls to track devices with uBeam receivers and send ultrasound beams at them.