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Latest Headlines

Open Networking Foundation incorporates OpenDaylight, ONOS into SDN software platform

The Open Networking Foundation has released the second version of Atrium, an open SDN software distribution, extending it to the OpenDaylight platform.

Frontier, Suddenlink convince West Virginia to scale back middle mile plans

Frontier and Suddenlink have been able to flex their lobbying muscle in West Virginia and convince the state's lawmakers to revamp their 2,500-mile middle mile network plans.

Zayo net installs rise to $6.4M as provider narrows net losses to $10.8M

Zayo Group continues to see its fiber network builds throughout the United States and Europe pay off as a number of new customer wins drove fiscal second quarter gross installs to $6.4 million and net installs to a near-record $2.2 million.

Vodafone strengthens Dutch convergence play with Liberty JV

Vodafone and Liberty Global agreed to merge their Dutch operations in a move that will provide greater competition in the area of converged services for rival KPN while further isolating T-Mobile Netherlands as a mobile-only player.

Rysavy: Threading the spectrum needle- can LTE and Wi-Fi coexist?

Two global wireless technology juggernauts are about to play in the same yard and how they behave with each other will shape the future of mobile broadband for decades to come. The cellular industry, responding to huge consumer demands,  needs to increase network capacity, and operating LTE in unlicensed spectrum bands will provide a huge boost. But Wi-Fi uses these same spectrum bands. Can these two technologies co-exist?

5G, IoT and OTT: familiar acronyms expected to be among key themes at MWC2016

As pointed out by Ovum chief research officer Mark Newman, "gone are the days when you could predict-- with a fair degree of confidence-- what the top two or three trends were going to be at Mobile World Congress."

Fastback launches IBR 1300 and new Liberator radios for millimeter wave

Almost a year after backhaul providers Fastback Networks and Sub10 Systems announced their decision to merge, former Sub10 CEO Stuart Broome is finding himself in an enviable position. With both Mobile World Congress 2016 and the Tessco One Innovation Showcase next week, he's never had so many requests for meetings and appointments surrounding its new products.

ip.access leverages Intel SoC to push small cells beyond mobile operators

ip.access, a UK-based provider of small cell equipment, announced an extended agreement with Intel that it said opens up markets beyond its traditional mobile operator customers.

Zayo, Crown Castle, other dark fiber providers could get revenue boost from C-RAN fronthaul, says Well Fargo

As wireless operators move forward with their C-RAN deployments, it could spell new opportunities for a host of competitive fiber providers and tower providers like Zayo Group and Crown Castle that offer dark and lit fiber services.

NFV use cases are emerging, says research firm

While NFV is still in its early days, it's clear that a number of use cases like virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) are emerging this year. Service providers are looking at vCPE as a way to deliver and potentially automate new enterprise and business services, for example.