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Latest Headlines

ITU sets next steps for 5G, picks 'IMT-2020'

The ITU has decided on the term it will use to refer to IMT-2020, and it is, appropriately enough, "IMT-2020," referencing the year in which most industry watchers expect 5G to commercially deploy.

Small Cell Forum tackles 5G in Release 5.1

While a lot of discussions are underway about 5G and what exactly it will entail, one thing is widely expected: It will involve ever-smaller cells, one very good reason for the Small Cell Forum to get involved in the early discussions about 5G.

Wireless ISP Webpass expands with building-specific strategy

A small but expanding Internet service provider could give fiber and cable competitors a little run for their money. Webpass offers 500 Mbps upload and download speeds for $55 a month using point-to-point wireless technology--but it's not for single-family homes.

GreenTouch Consortium aims for 98% energy reduction in wireline, core networks by 2020

GreenTouch says it has developed new methods that can reduce net energy consumption in wireline telecom networks by 98 percent by 2020 while accounting for ongoing growth of data traffic.

Synergy: Microsoft, HP dominate $114B data center infrastructure market

Service provider and enterprise spending on data center infrastructure over the past four quarters continued to rise, reaching $114 billion, accounting for 23 percent of the total, says a new Synergy Research report. Microsoft and VMware lead the software market, commanding nearly 90 percent of the software revenues.

EC report shows 'dramatic rise' in European 4G coverage

The European Commission's 2015 Digital Agenda Scoreboard revealed that LTE mobile broadband was available to nearly eight in 10 (79.4 per cent) of households across the European Union at the end of 2014, a significant increase on the situation at end-2013.

German spectrum auction raises more than €5B

German regulator Bundesnetzagentur revealed that bidding in the auction of frequencies for mobile network operators came to an end on Friday, with total bids exceeding €5 billion ($5.65 billion).

Operator chiefs urge European Council to reform telecoms regulation

European Union telecoms regulations need urgent reforms to encourage operators to invest in the next generation networks required to meet the goal of achieving a Digital Single Market, the CEOs of 11 major operators said.

ABI: Global 4G data traffic to reach 79% of total data consumption by 2020

4G data traffic has started to dominate total traffic consumption in 2015 and annual global 4G data usage is expected to exceed 224.7 Exabytes in 2020, ABI Research predicted.

AT&T talks 'disaggregation,' going open source

AT&T says the future of its network is all about software, and it's blazing a trail to virtualize 75 percent of its network by 2020. This week, John Donovan, senior EVP for technology and operations at AT&T, said the operator's engineers have figured out how to turn complex appliances into software running on commodity servers and other hardware.