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Latest Headlines

Airvana unveils multi-operator small-cell product, while Radisys touts distributed SON offering

Enterprises and venue owners have been clamoring for multi-operator small cell products, while wireless operators demand multimode small cell solutions. Vendors are responding in kind, as evidenced by a couple of new product announcements from this week's Small Cells World Summit in London.

Verizon FiOS speed drops in Netflix ISP index, despite peering deal

What's the deal, Verizon? Most observers--and Netflix, surely--expected that the SVOD provider's streaming performance over Verizon's FiOS network would improve, now that Netflix is paying Verizon for preferred bandwidth. But the carrier's average streaming speeds instead dropped two places in Netflix's monthly speed index.

MegaFon sets new precedent with 7-year Huawei contract

MegaFon has hailed a seven-year infrastructure upgrade contract it awarded to Huawei as "unprecedented," because it covers a period more than double that of regular contracts in Russia.

Privacy advocates welcome Vodafone report on international government wire tapping

Vodafone has disclosed that 29 countries have requested customer call data on its network in the last year, in one of the first mobile operator reports of its kind.

LTE-based femtocell market catching fire, Infonetics says

The market for femtocells and enterprise small cells is picking up, driven in part by LTE deployments, and looks like it will remain strong through 2018, according to Infonetics Research. The report appears more bullish than forecasts recently released by Mobile Experts.

Code On licensing its technology, which uses algebra to speed up networks

Code On is working to build an ecosystem based upon its proprietary coding algorithm, Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), by licensing the technology to vendors that want to make mobile devices, cloud services and networks operate better. The company claims its technology "can be inserted opportunistically in existing systems or products--typically with only a few lines of software code."

Nokia makes big play for small cells with Mesaplexx buy

Nokia's acquisition of Mesaplexx is a strategic move in line with new CEO and president Rajeev Suri's plan to acquire smaller firms that will fill gaps in Nokia's product portfolio.

LTE antenna issues getting a second look in networks, smartphones

It can be easy to dismiss the importance of the antenna, whether used in a mobile network or smartphone. But researchers and vendors are increasingly recognizing the fact that antenna issues can directly impact the customer experience and, ultimately, a mobile operator's success.

IDC: Big data, analytics, and enterprise fuel steady growth in software market through 2019

For 2014, the worldwide software market is forecast to grow 5.9 per cent year over year in current U.S. dollars (USD). In constant USD the growth rate has been revised to 5.7 per cent, down from the 6.2 per cent year-over-year growth forecast in November 2013.

Telus' Natale: We'll build fiber to the premises on a modular basis

Telus continues to see what it calls a strong appetite for broadband data amongst the 3.8 million wireline customers it serves in Canada.