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Latest Headlines

AT&T's Quinn: Government-owned networks will impact private investment

AT&T has joined the chorus of service providers that have voiced their concern that municipally-owned broadband networks aren't a sustainable model and will discourage privately-owned providers from making new investments.

Service providers turn to distributed generation to reduce power costs, increase reliability

Service providers may be aggressively expanding their coverage, but that expansion comes with a price: an increase in electricity costs and consumption.

Google to extend video quality of service insights to mobile

Google's YouTube gets blamed for generating a lot of the traffic on mobile networks and doing little to help from a traffic management standpoint, but the company says it has plans to offer quality of service insights for video applications.

Updated: Sprint plans to shut down WiMAX network tomorrow, says only a small percentage remain on network

Sprint plans to shutter tomorrow the mobile WiMAX network it inherited when it bought Clearwire in 2013, and the carrier said only a small percentage of customers remain on the WiMAX network after a long campaign by Sprint to get customers to switch to its LTE network.

Windstream's $250M Project Excel accelerates 100 Mbps, VDSL2 broadband push

With the sale of its data center business in motion, Windstream plans to dedicate $250 million to enhance its last mile network by installing VDSL2 network equipment to support up to 100 Mbps in more of its rural markets.

Huawei, HKT tout 4.5G 1 Gbps achievement

Huawei, in partnership with Chinese mobile operator HKT, demonstrated what the companies are calling the world's first 4.5G 1 Gbps network at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum this week. According to Huawei, the network showed a peak download speed of 1.2 Gbps, a step toward the 6 Gbps Huawei said would be necessary for a commercial 4.5G network.

Cincinnati Bell passes additional 25,800 homes with Fioptics service, sees increased cord cutting

Cincinnati Bell is making continued inroads with its Fioptics service, passing an additional 25,800 units with the service during the third-quarter. The service is now available to 408,000 addresses within greater Cincinnati.

Telecom Egypt still plans to enter mobile market

Telecom Egypt's new CEO quashed speculation that it might not seek to enter the domestic mobile market, saying the operator is paving the way for a mobile licence by working on the resolution of long-standing disputes with mobile operators.

Juniper Research: Active VoLTE connections to exceed 1B by 2018

The number of voice over LTE (VoLTE) connections is expected to reach 2 billion by 2020, rising from an estimated 123 million in 2015.

Sprint pleased with network densification, mainly focused on small cells for now, but mum on many details

Sprint is seeing positive early results from its plans to densify its network, but the company's executives did not provide many details about how far along the project is and how long it will take.