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Latest Headlines

Vodafone given green light to increase India unit stake

Vodafone has been allowed to increase its stake in its Indian unit to 100 per cent from 64 per cent after India's Foreign Investment Promotion Board approved the move.

A look back over 2013

As another year comes towards its end, it would be remiss of me to not to look back at what has been an incredibly eventful year in European telecoms in order to highlight some of the main trends that have not only emerged in the past 12 months, but also look set to dominate the market in the coming year and beyond.

2013: A year of reinvention – from phone subsidies to smartphone leadership

2013 was a year of reinvention--a shift away from the status quo in how the U.S. wireless industry operates. T-Mobile US was the driving force behind much of this change in 2013. The company's new leadership, headed by CEO John Legere, challenged many of the conventions of the wireless business by doing away with contracts and international data roaming fees and offering free data to tablet customers. T-Mobile also launched a handset upgrade program that others imitated, accelerating a move away from device subsidies and toward device financing.

Google Fiber sparks competition, FCC revises CAF rules and other top stories of 2013

FierceTelecom is counting down the story lines that shaped the telecom industry in 2013. From special access battles to new networking standards, find out what issues dominated the headlines.

NSA review panel recommends changes to telephone metadata program

A panel of experts appointed by President Obama to investigate the National Security Agency's surveillance practices recommended that the president make changes to the NSA's program that collects telephone metadata on virtually every call Americans make.

Report: Dish mulling a bid for T-Mobile next year

Dish Network is considering a potential bid for T-Mobile US next year, according to a  Reuters  report, the latest product of a rumor mill churning out speculation on potential deals involving the No. 4 carrier.

FilmOn founder wants Supreme Court review

Alki David, the founder of FilmOn X said he hopes the Supreme Court settles the issue of whether services like his and Aereo's are legal.

Poor Americans more likely to live in mobile-only homes, survey says

Poor Americans are driving the mobile-only trend, according to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

AT&T, Comcast, Google execs to Obama: cut back on the spying

A group of technology executives across the telecommunications space, including those from AT&T and Comcast were not about to be put off message during a meeting with President Barack Obama. Electronic surveillance, not healthcare, was their primary concern, they said.

Nortel knocks $3B from bankruptcy deal

In a move that it called a "significant milestone" in its five-year bankruptcy, Nortel Networks said it has reached a deal to cut more than $3 billion owed to former Nortel entities in Europe, including bondholders, retirees and suppliers.