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Latest Headlines

Verizon defends special access discounts for wholesale customers

Verizon is fighting claims that it is overcharging its wholesale customers for its TDM and IP-based special access services.

Analysts: Dish could strike a spectrum deal with Verizon or a perpetual leasing agreement

Dish Network remains in the driver's seat in terms of options for its spectrum, which could include a sale to Verizon, some kind of wholesale agreement with multiple carriers or a perpetual lease. Meanwhile, AT&T sharply criticized Dish over its "selective default" on AWS-3 spectrum licenses two of its affiliates bid on following the FCC's decision to not award those companies a 25 percent discount.

An invisible problem: What will be the consequences of unregulated tower concealments?

Well-concealed towers were never really on my radar, so to speak. I was familiar with tower disguises only I the realm of poorly made disguises: pathetic, sparse evergreen trees or water towers that appeared constructed out of cardboard. What was the sense in calling these builds "concealments" when they were the towers that seemed the most obvious? That's likely because a well-concealed tower isn't obvious.

Cogent inks TWC to IP interconnection deal, thanks net neutrality

Time Warner Cable and Cogent Communications have jointly announced that they've reached an interconnection deal.

NCTA: There is no need for FCC's DSTAC to produce a CableCard successor for set-tops

The NCTA has urged the FCC to reject calls for a new technology standard aimed at opening the pay-TV set-top market to devices sold at retail.

Supreme Court appears troubled about what to do with DirecTV class action suit

A class-action suit filed by a group of California DirecTV subscribers over early cancellation fees has presented a vexing issue for the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

T-Mobile, AT&T agree to swap PCS, AWS-1 airwaves to create larger contiguous spectrum blocks

AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile US struck a deal to swap 1900 MHz PCS and AWS-1 spectrum licenses in various markets across the country.

Charter's acquisition of TWC and Bright House draw mostly positive comments

While Comcast's attempt to buy Time Warner Cable last year produced thousands of negative public comments, the input for Charter Communications' bid to purchase both TWC and Bright House Networks has so far drawn far less inflammatory reactions.

Concealed towers and small cells: Safety and regulation in a growing industry

In the past, camouflaged towers might have called up thoughts of forlorn fake evergreens sticking out of the surrounding scenery like a sore thumb, but concealment is becoming more popular, more artistic and more necessary to infiltrate populated areas that may need a boost to coverage. As tower concealment's popularity continues to increase, the folks who build the disguises are looking for the best ways to modernize. In many cases, that means keeping up with the latest in radio equipment-- but as concealed towers become commonplace and more corporations try to get their hands in the game, the industry may need to take a look at who is responsible for regulating these innovative disguises.

EC opens in-depth probe into Liberty Global's planned Base Belgium buy

The European Commission (EC) said it has opened an in-depth investigation to assess whether the proposed acquisition of KPN-owned Base Belgium by Liberty Global would harm competition.