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Latest Headlines

Sen. Schumer tells FCC to leave 'exclusivity' rules alone amid retrans reform

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) fired off a letter to FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler, arguing that the agency not move forward with a vote to end broadcast exclusivity rules as it embarks on a wider reform of retransmission licensing.

Charter's TWC deal faces 1 Gig requirement from New York regulators

Charter Communications' proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable could be facing a new catch in New York State as regulators have suggested that the cable MSO should build out 1 Gbps-capable last mile networks.

DSTAC, CableCard, pay-TV apps and the future of the cable industry's $20B set-top business

Federal regulators have worked for decades to come up with ways to remove the cable industry's lock on the set-top box. The goal, they argue, is to give customers the option to purchase whatever set-top they want. But as those in the cable industry explain, the issue is far more complicated than it initially appears.

Verizon applauds FCC chairman's move to 5G spectrum

Verizon is giving its support to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's decision to circulate a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes a framework for flexible spectrum use rules for bands above 24 GHz.

UK asks to take over Three/O2 review, as Vestager cautions against 4 becoming 3

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) asked the European Commission to let it investigate CK Hutchison's proposed acquisition of Telefónica's O2 UK unit because it believes the deal will have the greatest impact on competition in the UK.

FirstNet OKs key RFP elements

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) board last week approved key elements of its Request for Proposal(s) (RFP) that it expects to deliver before the end of the year, including a national acquisition approach that incorporates rural telecom providers in the nationwide public safety broadband network (NPSBN).

NTCA, COMPTEL want FCC to improve Lifeline verification process

COMPTEL and NTCA said in separate FCC filings that the regulator should work to alleviate service providers from the burden of having to verify Lifeline service recipients.

T-Mobile data breach: Hacker steals names, birthdates, Social Security numbers and more from 15M people

An unidentified "unauthorized party" accessed the personal information of around 25 percent of T-Mobile US' customer base, around 15 million people. Experian, the company that handles T-Mobile's credit applications, announced its systems were breached and that all its data "may have been compromised."

COMPTEL advocates for special access reform to promote broadband competition

Competitive carriers organization COMPTEL says the FCC's special access reform needs to address that their measures should drive new competition in the wireline and wireless broadband industry...

5GPPP appears to be taking the lead in 5G standards

5GPPP has "done the best job of disseminating a lot of information, and they've also been able to bring in a lot of players," said Daryl Schoolar, a principal analyst at Ovum and a Fierce contributor. Schoolar's claim is evidenced by the 5GPPP's litany of sub-groups, including METIS-II, mmMAGIC and 5GNORMA, each of which focuses on a singular element of 5G.