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Latest Headlines

NTCA, COMPTEL want FCC to improve Lifeline verification process

COMPTEL and NTCA said in separate FCC filings that the regulator should work to alleviate service providers from the burden of having to verify Lifeline service recipients.

T-Mobile data breach: Hacker steals names, birthdates, Social Security numbers and more from 15M people

An unidentified "unauthorized party" accessed the personal information of around 25 percent of T-Mobile US' customer base, around 15 million people. Experian, the company that handles T-Mobile's credit applications, announced its systems were breached and that all its data "may have been compromised."

COMPTEL advocates for special access reform to promote broadband competition

Competitive carriers organization COMPTEL says the FCC's special access reform needs to address that their measures should drive new competition in the wireline and wireless broadband industry...

5GPPP appears to be taking the lead in 5G standards

5GPPP has "done the best job of disseminating a lot of information, and they've also been able to bring in a lot of players," said Daryl Schoolar, a principal analyst at Ovum and a Fierce contributor. Schoolar's claim is evidenced by the 5GPPP's litany of sub-groups, including METIS-II, mmMAGIC and 5GNORMA, each of which focuses on a singular element of 5G.

Simplifying the 5G standards process

5G may be the talk of the town in the wireless industry as its next-generation technology, but a host of diverse technologies could make the standardization process more complex. FierceWirelessTech has a special report on how standards bodies like the ITU, 5GPPP and NGMN are addressing this new tech.

NYU Wireless lobbies for new methods of channel modeling for mmWave

Researchers at the NYU Wireless say their work has revealed important limitations in current commercial 3GPP approaches for channel models, and they say failure to update the models to reflect the realities of millimeter wave (mmWave) propagation could cost U.S. customers and commercial service providers millions, if not billions, of dollars in deployment costs.

AT&T says TDM, IP-based special access competition from cable, CLEC is rising

AT&T has joined Verizon and other ILECs in support of the thesis that the FCC should not implement new regulations on the special access market.

Madden: Watch out, China is getting squirrelly

Here in California, the term "squirrelly" means that your surfboard is unstable and makes quick and unpredictable turns at any time. We're seeing this in the Chinese mobile market now.

France's 4 operators apply to take part in 700 MHz spectrum auction

Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange and SFR have all confirmed that they plan to take part in France's auction of 700 MHz spectrum assignments after each operator filed an application with the French telecoms regulator.

Charter's confident CFO Winfrey says TWC/Bright House purchases will close by the end of 2015

While analysts cast fresh doubt on his company's ability to gain regulatory approval of its twin cable purchases, Charter Communications CFO Christopher Winfrey told investors that his MSO is ready to close the purchases of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks by the end of this year.