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Latest Headlines

FCC dedicates $2B to equip schools, libraries with Wi-Fi

The FCC is allocating $2 billion over the next two years to equip more schools and libraries with Wi-Fi connections to enable students to take advantage of new educational tools like tablets and digital textbooks.

Aereo's Supreme Court case could have big impact on OTT segment

While a number of industry watchers are betting that Aereo won't win its pending Supreme Court case, the case overall could have a rippling effect on the online video market.

Report: Regulators up in arms over proposed approval of Telefónica's E-Plus buy

Europe's national regulatory watchdogs are up in arms over the proposed merger of Telefónica Deutschland and KPN's E-Plus in Germany, according to a report by the Financial Times. At a recent meeting to review the merger, only two of 12 national authorities that were present voted in favour of the European Commission's planned competition remedies, according to the FT, which cited two officials involved.

Connectivity a key asset for telecoms operators, says analyst

AMSTERDAM--Telecoms operators must stop underselling the benefits of connectivity, a leading industry analyst said during a pre-conference workshop at the LTE World Summit here on Monday.

Altice, Vivendi sign final agreement on SFR-Numericable merger

Altice and Vivendi said they have signed the definitive agreement on the merger of their respective French units Numericable and SFR, dashing any last lingering hopes that opponents to the deal might have had that the planned union would fail at the final hurdle.  

Court rejects Viacom's bid to throw out Cablevision bundling suit

A federal judge on Friday blocked Viacom's attempt to have a suit filed against it by Cablevision over its channel bundling practices dismissed.

Win or lose, Aereo's impact could change OTT market

Aereo is looking less likely to win its case before the Supreme Court, but the outcome of the case will change the online video landscape, some industry players say.

T-Mobile asks FCC for help in its data roaming beef with AT&T

T-Mobile is asking the FCC to issue new guidance and enforcement criteria on data roaming agreements. T-Mobile's request appears to be an attempt by the carrier to obtain a more favorable roaming agreement with rival AT&T Mobility.

O'Rielly to FCC: Don't put your head in the sand

In a speech to The Media Institute on Thursday, FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly compared the commission to an ostrich, suggesting the FCC is putting its head in the sand by not quickly reacting to market conditions and modifying antiquated rules that do not reflect new realities.

Consumers opposed to Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, survey says

A majority of consumers in the U.S.--56 percent--oppose the proposed mega-merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, according to a new survey from Consumer Reports.