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Latest Headlines

Verizon: We'll grandfather in XO's Ethernet over Copper services... probably

Current XO Communications business services customers that want to continue using its Ethernet over Copper services after Verizon takes over the company's assets may be able to do so-- depending on several factors. That's according to a Verizon filing with the FCC that addresses how it will deal with legacy infrastructure following the acquisition.

FCC seeks clarity and detail on 'Ditch the Box'

FCC staffers have furnished the NCTA and other backers of the 'Ditch the Box' proposal with a detailed list of questions about their alternative suggestion for opening the pay-TV ecosystem to third-party devices.

AT&T, CenturyLink sound off on legacy voice transition, BDS rules

With the Federal Communications Commission proposing a streamlined process for migrating legacy, copper-based voice services to newer IP-based infrastructure, incumbent telcos including AT&T and CenturyLink are hoping to guide that process a bit.

CTIA blasts satellite industry's complaints about 5G spectrum

As the FCC is poised to vote on Chairman Tom Wheeler's Spectrum Frontiers proposal on Thursday, CTIA blasted a number of claims coming from the satellite industry and reminded commissioners just how many times satellite companies have tried to launch operations in the past and epically failed.

Inmarsat, O3b, SES throw support behind ViaSat calls for preserving status of space stations

Satellite companies are adding their support to ViaSat's assertions made earlier this month when it expressed concern about proposals to effectively make new mobile wireless operators the "gatekeepers" over satellite users of the 28 GHz band, signaling continued turmoil between the terrestrial mobile and satellite industries.

NCTA, Wi-Fi Alliance push for 5.9 GHz sharing

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and the Wi-Fi Alliance are continuing their arguments for updating the commission's rules and permitting unlicensed operations in the U-NII-4 portion of the 5 GHz band to meet the demands for Wi-Fi.

AT&T analysis highlights differences between 28 GHz, 37/39 GHz

AT&T directed its engineers to conduct a thorough analysis on the 28 GHz and 37/39 GHz bands, and the results show what its preliminary calculations suggested: to achieve the same performance results, a carrier using 37-39 GHz spectrum will require about 50 percent more spectrum than a carrier deploying in the 28 GHz band.

Frontier applies for Middletown, New York video franchise, sets stage to compete with Charter

Frontier Communications has applied for a cable franchise to offer IPTV service in Middletown, New York, posing a new challenge to Charter Communications, which entered the market via its acquisition of Time Warner Cable.

CenturyLink, Frontier lead new special access coalition targeting BDS proposal

CenturyLink, Frontier Communications and a group of service providers have formed the "Invest in Broadband for America" coalition as the latest effort to encourage FCC to reconsider its business data services proposal.

European telcos claim net neutrality is major barrier to 5G investment

Leading European telecoms operators and infrastructure vendors warned that planned net neutrality rules issued by BEREC, the body comprised of the national regulators of the European Union's 28 member states, could stymie the rollout of 5G networks.