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Latest Headlines

FCC passes net neutrality proposal, opens public comment

The FCC voted today to pass Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal for a new net neutrality framework, beginning what will be a multiple-month process.

FCC to examine whether new net neutrality rules should apply to wireless

WASHINGTON--The FCC voted to approve draft net neutrality rules that would re-examine whether to treat wireless networks differently from wired broadband networks as the commission seeks to craft new rules that would ensure consumers get equal access to all Internet content.

FCC okays Internet fast lanes in vote on latest net neutrality proposal

The Federal Communications Commission, in a three-to-two vote, is moving ahead to implement new rules that would open the way for Internet service providers to charge websites for faster and higher-quality delivery of content to consumers. The plan has all kinds of implications for how online content is delivered, how much it will cost, and which companies have deep enough pockets to compete.

Indoor-location technology is not ready for E911 use, argues TIA

Federal regulators should refrain from adopting new location accuracy rules until indoor-positioning technology is truly ready for prime time, according to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), which represents manufacturers and suppliers of communications networks.

FCC gets an earful from all sides as it considers reclassifying broadband

As FCC chairman Thomas Wheeler mulls changes to net neutrality rules, representatives from all corners of the industry--from cable and telecom executives to Hollywood and Capitol Hill players--are giving him their two cents on the issue.

3 UK: Operators should view growth in data demand as tidal, rather than a tsunami

LONDON--Mobile operators should start considering growing demand for data as a rising tide rather than a tsunami of traffic, Mark Gilmour, transmission strategy and architecture manager for 3 UK said on day two of the Transport Networks for Mobile Operators trade conference.

France pushes for just 3 operators as Orange raises concerns over SFR deal

France's government said it is still pursuing its goal of reducing the number of mobile operators in the country from four to three as it pushes for greater industry consolidation.

Can the FCC get the balance right with its spectrum rules?

The FCC on Thursday will decide rules for next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum. It will also decide rules for how much spectrum wireless carriers can hold in different markets--the FCC's so-called spectrum screen. The event will be the most consequential meeting of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's term so far, and it will have a fundamental impact on the direction of the U.S. wireless industry. Right now, it looks like Wheeler is trying to placate different factions within the industry, but he could wind up with most carriers being peeved at the final results.

FCC's Wheeler realigns net neutrality proposal, promises ISPs can't give preferential treatment

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is taking another stab at the net neutrality debate by incorporating elements into its plan that will ensure that service providers won't be able to put web traffic that travels over their last mile networks into fast and slow paths, reports  The   Wall Street Journal.

Report: FCC's Wheeler to revise net neutrality proposal, could reclassify broadband

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is reportedly revising his proposal on draft net neutrality rules to make it clear that the FCC would look at deals between content providers and ISPs to ensure broadband providers don't slow the content of companies that do not pay ISPs for faster access.