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Latest Headlines

Verizon says it does not receive 'unique benefits' to attach to FPL's utility poles

Verizon has become embroiled in yet another pole attachment battle with Florida Power and Light over the utility company's claims that the service provider has to pay higher rates for access to its facilities.

Level 3 says ISPs should not be able to hide poor performance

Level 3 may serve as an intermediary between residential consumer service providers and content providers like Netflix, but it has told the FCC that traditional ISPs should provide information to consumers on broadband network performance.

Dish targets Charter-Bright House deal in latest FCC filing

Now averaging about one ex parte filing a week, Dish Network targeted the Bright House Networks piece of Charter Communications' aggressive cable acquisition spree in its latest query to the FCC.

Lawmakers take aim at pay-TV set-top business

Members of Congress, the FCC and the cable and consumer electronics industries continue to fight for position in a lobbying battle that will impact companies and workers involved in installing leased set-top boxes from pay-TV companies.

TDS says rural service providers need flexibility to meet FCC's 25/3 Mbps speed mandate

TDS Telecom may be an advocate of expanding broadband services, including offering 1 Gbps FTTH, but it is concerned that the FCC's new 25/3 Mbps definition of broadband may be challenging to meet in rural areas where buildout costs are higher.

Verizon blasts CWA copper network claims, calling them a labor negotiation tactic

Verizon says that the Communications Workers of America union's claims that the telco is abandoning its copper networks in various states is just a labor negotiation tactic.

ACA lauds FCC's pole-attachment ruling

The American Cable Association has applauded the FCC for adopting an order that brings parity to the amounts that telcos, wireless carriers and cable companies pay to attach equipment to uility poles.

GSMA, EBU satisfied with WRC-15 spectrum allocations

The mobile and broadcasting industries both have something to cheer about following the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15), which ends in Geneva on Friday.

AT&T says 1-year TDM technology discontinuance requirements will delay IP transition

AT&T has joined the growing chorus of ILECs that say requiring them to give wholesale customers a year-plus notice before they discontinue service will delay the IP transition.

AT&T continues to push Lifeline proposal, wants FCC to include Internet services in program

In a new, lengthy filing with the FCC, AT&T reiterated its proposed changes to the agency's Lifeline program. Specifically, AT&T urged the FCC to offload most of the management functions of the program to the Universal Service Administrative Company, and to also allow Lifeline recipients to use the program to pay for their Internet access, whether that's wireless or wireline.