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Latest Headlines

U.S. House passes bill to exempt small ISPs from net neutrality rules

Regional ISPs won a coup this week as the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the Small Business Broadband Deployment Act, expanding the FCC's exemption of smaller ISPs from some of the transparency requirements of the Open Internet rules on net neutrality.

Analyst: T-Mobile's 28-39 GHz spectrum could give it advantage in 5G trials

T-Mobile US' 200 MHz of high-band spectrum in the 28-39 GHz range could give the carrier a first-mover advantage in 5G trials, Wells Fargo equity analysts said in a recent research note.

AT&T claims Level 3, other CLECs want to re-regulate special access market

AT&T fired another salvo in the special access debate, accusing Level 3 and CLECs (competitive local exchange carriers) of wanting the FCC to re-regulate the special access market.

Comcast, AT&T thwart municipal broadband expansion effort in Tennessee

Comcast and AT&T's lobbying efforts to block a municipal broadband bill that would let Chattanooga, Tenn.-based EPB expand into two nearby counties paid off as the measure failed to pass following a 5-3 vote in the state legislature.

Wheeler set to circulate approval order for Charter's TWC and Bright House bids

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will circulate a draft order as soon as this week conditionally approving Charter's bid to buy Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Consumer privacy regulation could tank pay-TV operators' online advertising strategies

New consumer privacy rules being proposed by the FCC this month could have a detrimental effect on the pay-TV industry, particularly when it comes to digital advertising, according to a new report by Moody's.

ZTE reportedly in 'constructive' discussions over U.S. export restrictions

ZTE is in "constructive" discussions with U.S. regulators to lift export restrictions imposed last week, according to a Reuters report.

Hutch offers up 30% of UK network, as regulators sharpen knives over pricing

CK Hutchison has reportedly offered to award about 30 per cent of its network capacity in the UK to rivals in order to secure European Union approval for its proposed acquisition of O2 UK.

Transbeam: Verizon offers no alternative to NYC copper retirement for EoC providers

Verizon is seeing another challenge to its copper retirement plans in New York City from competitive carrier Transbeam, which says its Ethernet over Copper (EoC) customers could be compromised.

Moody's: FCC's privacy proposal would 'handicap' cable operators

A new FCC proposal to restrict collection of consumer data by Internet service providers will hurt the cable industry, a new report from Moody's said.