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Latest Headlines

NASCTN launches first spectrum-sharing project with Federated Wireless

The National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network (NASCTN) has launched its first spectrum-sharing project, focusing on the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), with Federated Wireless.

Windstream says FCC's mobile broadband testing should mirror wireline broadband

As a provider of wholesale services to the largest wireless operators, Windstream isn't down on mobile broadband, but the telco would like to see the FCC develop a standard method to test mobile broadband speeds.

COMPTEL: Broadband competition is intertwined with ability to offer video service

COMPTEL said in a new FCC filing that its wireline broadband members like Google Fiber and Windstream need access to fairly priced video content in order to drive new choices for consumers.

Charter, TWC facing federal inquiries into how they might deal with online video competition

The FCC has requested information from Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable pertaining to how the two companies, which are engaged in a $56.7 billion merger proposal, will deal with online video competition.

Mallinson: The perils of £10-per-second high-speed data

Smartphones are still too much like blank cheques, or loaded guns, with regard to international data roaming charges. Usage alerts were introduced in an attempt to increase transparency and control for consumers. They are failing to do that. Regulated measures often fail to keep up with market developments. Postpaid calling plans are popular and convenient for operators and customers alike, but they lack even the rather basic control, on total spending, that prepaid calling has always afforded consumers. Much better spending safeguards for LTE-era data usage are required.

CableLabs engineer: LTE-U must integrate 'listen before talk' features

CableLabs has taken the group of wireless companies developing LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) technology to task, accusing them of executing a go-it-alone standards process that doesn't do enough to ensure LTE-U won't interfere with cable Wi-Fi.

Tennessee says FCC can't preempt state laws governing municipal broadband services

Tennessee is not giving up on its anti-municipal broadband stance, saying in a lawsuit that the FCC can't overturn laws that limit municipal broadband growth in its state.

UN broadband goals are not being met, but mobile adoption impresses

The ITU notes that mobile broadband is the fastest-growing ICT service in history, taking just five years to achieve 1 billion users. By the end of 2015, there will be 3.5 billion mobile broadband subscriptions, amounting to nearly half (48.8 per cent) of all mobile subscriptions.

FCC Media Bureau chief Bill Lake: Time to end 'outdated' exclusivity rules

Five weeks after FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed ending so-called broadcast exclusivity rules, Bill Lake chief of the agency's Media Bureau, posted emphatic support for that idea on the FCC's blog.

Sprint, T-Mobile could combine network assets into a new company, analysts argue

Sprint and T-Mobile US tried and failed last year to convince U.S. regulators to allow them to merge, and most financial analysts think any merger talk needs to be put off until 2017 at the earliest under a new administration. However, analysts at Evercore ISI think that the carriers could strike a merger of sorts by combining their respective network resources into a new company.