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Latest Headlines

Verizon quietly ditched policy to throttle heaviest 3G users with legacy unlimited data plans

Verizon Wireless confirmed that in June it quietly stopped throttling the data speeds of customers who were on legacy unlimited data plans on 3G devices and who crossed into the top 5 percent of data users when they were on high-traffic cell sites.

Ofcom exposes true mobile coverage with new tool

UK regulator, Ofcom, launched a mobile coverage tool it said offers greater accuracy than coverage checkers provided by the country's mobile operators.  

Verizon, AT&T and Sprint- and every other carrier- should participate in the 600 MHz auction

No one got everything they wanted out of the FCC's rules, including broadcasters. The FCC is trying to balance numerous competing interests. However, I think it's in every carrier's best interest to show up next year. Carriers will be sorry for years to come if they don't.

AT&T, Verizon strike worries do not concern Wall Street

Both AT&T and Verizon currently have thousands of workers working without contracts while company management  and the labor unions attempt to negotiate a resolution to contract disputes. Interestingly, both companies' stock prices are fairly stable and investors seem unconcerned about the threat of a strike.

GSMA tells Arab States to allocate UHF spectrum for mobile

The GSM Association (GSMA) urged Arab States to reallocate a significant amount of the UHF band currently used for terrestrial digital television (DTV) services for mobile broadband.  

ACA's Matthew Polka tweets to FC about runaway retrans, proliferating OTT, rampant consolidation, more

While over-the-top distribution and consolidation continue to roil the pay-TV industry, no issue concerns the American Cable Association more than fast-increasing broadcast retransmission fees. As the FCC gets set to look at 23-year-old laws that govern the negotiations between broadcasters and operators, we caught up with a man on the front line of the discussion, ACA President and CEO Matthew Polka. He's our guest in @ FierceCable 's first Twitter chat on Thursday, August 13, at 2 p.m. ET.

Verizon, Comcast, others sued by Alabama company over failure to pay $214M in 911 fees

Phone Recovery Systems filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts against Verizon Communications, Comcast and other phone companies claiming that the firms have failed to pay the state $214 million in fees to support the 911 system.

AT&T Southeast employees on the job for now as negotiations continue

After the current contract ran its course on Saturday, 28,000 AT&T Southeast union employees could go on strike if a new agreement isn't reached.

Analysts: Three Italy, Wind merger pressures rivals, but regulator clearance not assured

Vodafone Italy and TIM will need to get creative in terms of their customer acquisition strategies to remain competitive when Three Italy and Wind complete a merger, an IHS Technology analyst said.

AT&T, NAB, others decry FCC's move to release more 600 MHz white spaces spectrum for unlicensed use

As part of its rules for the upcoming 600 MHz incentive auction, the FCC outlined new rules for unlicensed activities that the agency said are "designed to allow for more robust unlicensed use and to promote spectral efficiency in the 600 MHz band." However, the agency's rules immediately drew complaints from the likes of AT&T and the National Association of Broadcasters, which generally argued the FCC's rules will create more interference in the bands.