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Latest Headlines

FCC asks Dish about Sling TV programming deals

The FCC has asked Dish Network about how it reached its programming deals for its $20-a-month OTT service, Sling TV.

Missouri joins the anti-municipal broadband chorus with proposed bill

Missouri has become the latest state to jump on the anti-municipal broadband bandwagon with the introduction of a new bill that would create barriers for local towns and cities that want to build their own broadband networks.

Marriott pledges to not block personal Wi-Fi devices at its hotels

Saying it "listens to its customers," Marriott International issued a statement Wednesday saying it will not block guests from using their personal Wi-Fi devices at any of its managed hotels, and as  Inc.  first reported, the hotel chain will not try to block personal hotspots in its conference and convention areas.

NYU Wireless says U.S. falling behind in 5G, presses FCC to act now on mmWave spectrum

While other parts of the world are making strides in 5G research and development, the United States should look to millimeter wave (mmWave) technology to make sure the U.S. is not left behind--and it's got to act fast. That's the summation of a more than 50-page filing that NYU Wireless submitted to the FCC.

CenturyLink revamps Colorado leadership, continues 1 Gig rollout

CenturyLink has taken steps to reorganize its local management team in Colorado by replacing Scott Russell, a veteran general manager in its Denver market. Taking Russell's place is Penny Larson, CenturyLink's VP of Colorado, who will take on Denver as part of her responsibilities.

Conservative PAC targets Comcast alleging liberal bias in news divisions

Facing opposition from many progressive groups based on its merger plans with Time Warner Cable, Comcast is now getting headwind from a conservative PAC, which claims the publicly traded corporation has a secret liberal agenda.

T-Mobile scores Supreme Court victory in tower-siting case

The Supreme Court handed T-Mobile US and the wider wireless industry a victory today via a ruling in a case centering on how local governments must inform wireless carriers, tower companies and others about why they reject tower-construction requests.

Obama wants the FCC to support local broadband

President Barack Obama will focus on how to overturn anti-municipal broadband laws as a key topic when he visits Cedar Falls, Iowa, a town that has built a successful fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network that delivers 1 Gbps service to consumers and business customers.

Israel awards LTE spectrum to 6 players

Israel has awarded LTE spectrum in the 1800 MHz band to six companies, finally concluding the tender issued by the Ministry of Communications in July last year and opening up the LTE market to three new players.

Netflix, Kudelski Group hug it out on patent impasse

The Kudelski Group and Netflix announced that they've entered a long-term, "comprehensive" product relationship, dismissed all U.S. patent litigation over Kudelski-owned Nagra and OpenTV products, and put a stay on related litigation in the Netherlands.