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Latest Headlines

CableLabs seeks STAs to test 5G gear from multiple vendors

Given all the claims vendors have been making around their abilities to deliver 5G and pre-5G equipment, CableLabs wants to give some of the gear a spin to see how it performs for real.

Public Knowledge, OTI want FCC to protect DSRC users from cyberattacks

Pointing to a number of high-profile hacking incidents involving motor vehicles over the last year and General Motors' intention to deploy dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) in some model cars this fall, Public Knowledge (PK) and the New America Open Technology Institute (OTI) are petitioning the FCC to immediately prohibit use of DSRC until it adopts service rules that protect the cybersecurity and privacy of DSRC users.

Level 3: Verizon/Incompas proposal will help the FCC establish a sound business data services regulatory regime

Level 3 has put its support behind the joint proposal made by Verizon and Incompas to reform the business data services (BDS) regulatory regime.

HEVC Advance: Warner Bros. deal shows adjusted royalty rate structure 'has been well received'

The addition of Warner Bros. Entertainment as a licensee of and a licensor to HEVC Advance indicates the patent pool effort is gaining steam, the administrator's CEO told FierceOnlineVideo.

NCTA to FCC: Want to accelerate 5G? Don't regulate backhaul

The NCTA said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is undermining his stated goal of prioritizing 5G wireless technology by promoting business data regulation that could harm backhaul. In a blog post, Steve...

FCC's biz data proposal could stunt 5G development, NCTA said

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's stated goal of having the U.S. become a leader in 5G wireless technology could be undermined by his proposal to regulate business data services, the NCTA said.

FCC's O'Rielly calls STB proposal 'convoluted scheme,' stumps for apps-based alternative

Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly, a vocal critic of Chairman Tom Wheeler's set-top box regulation proposal, delivered his most strident support yet for the pay-TV industry's apps-based proposal.

So, what has the EU ever done for telecoms?

The UK has yet to trigger the infamous "Article 50" of the Lisbon Treaty that would start the clock ticking on a two-year period of exit negotiations. What the ultimate outcome will be is frankly anyone's guess. As I've mentioned before, roaming charges and regulation are set to be two key areas to watch in the telecoms market, although myriad changes could take place.

Apple reportedly being investigated in South Korea

South Korean authorities are investigating Apple, according to a  Reuters  report this morning. And while Korean authorities aren't discussing details, the probe may have something to do with Apple's contracts with mobile network operators.

U.S. extends reprieve from export restrictions to ZTE

The U.S. Commerce Department extended a reprieve from export restrictions to ZTE Corp. through August 30, allowing the Chinese electronics vendor to continue exporting products that include U.S. technology.