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Latest Headlines

T-Mobile's Legere expects 'dark horse' companies like Google and Comcast to bid in 600 MHz auction

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere said he expects "dark horse" companies like Google, Comcast and Charter Communications to bid in next year's incentive auction of 600 MH broadcast TV spectrum. Legere said the next six to 12 months are going to be a "fascinating time period" in the industry as the future of the wireless market takes shape as more content goes online and more Internet traffic goes mobile.

Verizon gets call from Bernie Sanders to reach agreement with CWA union

Verizon is facing yet another call to come to an agreement with the Communications Workers of America from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Achieving healthy competition in mobile services is a fine balance

Arguments for and against mergers and acquisitions in Europe's mobile sector have dominated headlines of late, as the region's telecoms sheriffs clash with industry leaders over whether and to what extent in-market and cross-border mergers should be permitted.

Alaska's GCI pays FCC $620,000 fine, makes sure unlit towers get lit to improve air safety in remote areas

General Communication, Inc. (GCI) agreed to pay $620,500 for failing to register 118 cell towers as part of an FCC tracking system and for not properly lighting three towers located near airports. GCI says that since the unlit towers were discovered it has sent installers to the towers to make sure they were properly lit to improve safety and avoid any collisions with nearby aircraft.

Verizon says it has invested $22.2B in New York, encourages regulatory reforms

Following a study made by New York Public Service Commission about the state of telecommunications, Verizon has asked the regulator to implement a series of reforms that it says will promote innovation and investment.

Verizon, Cablevision and TWC face NY AG investigation over advertised Internet speeds

Verizon, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable have become the subject of a New York Attorney General investigation over whether they charged consumers for speeds slower than what they advertised.

FCC's move puts U.S. in stronger position for 5G leadership

The FCC took a huge step forward last week in getting the U.S. better positioned to compete in the race to 5G when it decided to propose new flexible service rules in the 28, 37, 39 and 64-71 GHz bands.

Charter gains Louisville, Ky. franchise on pledges of higher Internet speeds, free Wi-Fi

Charter Communications gained approval of the Louisville, Ky., Metro Council to take of Time Warner Cable's franchise there by making three key concessions: increase base Internet speeds, offer free Wi-Fi and provide 1 Gbps service.

Google, Broadcom, Boingo, others push FCC to scrutinize LTE-U

In the ongoing war over the use of LTE in unlicensed spectrum, a group of companies, including Google, Boingo Wireless and Broadcom, is once again urging the FCC to push for a solution that won't have a negative impact on consumers of Wi-Fi.

Israeli telecoms chief signals change in approach to competition

The new director general of Israel's Ministry of Communications has signalled a possible change in approach towards mobile competition in the market, saying that mobile prices are too low and there are too many operators on the market.