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Latest Headlines

AT&T names Amdocs as systems integrator for its ECOMP virtual platform

AT&T has tapped Amdocs to serve as the integrator to help other service providers and enterprises that want to take advantage of its Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy (ECOMP) virtualization platform to build software-centric services.

'Too many networks' means Comcast, NBCU, others may trim away TV channels

Comcast-owned NBCUniversal may be at the lead edge of a purge of smaller TV networks, according to its CEO Steve Burke, who said on the cable conglomerate's second-quarter earnings call that NBCU plans to trim channels from its lineup.

T-Mobile posts 890K net postpaid subscriber adds, 1.9M total net adds

As anticipated, T-Mobile continued to lead all carriers in postpaid subscriber growth by a long shot in its most recently reported quarter.

Cord-cutting shaping up to be even worse this Q2 than last year's epic meltdown

With five out of the top six pay-TV platforms reporting subscriber metrics for the second quarter, this year's Q2 is shaping up to look even worse than epic 2015 meltdown that sent media and operators stocks cratering.

Comcast narrows Q2 pay-TV customer losses to just 4,000

Comcast continues to report best-in-a-decade customer metrics, with the MSO reporting narrowed losses of just 4,000 pay-TV customers in the second quarter, the slowest period of the year for video subscriber growth.

KPN grows Q2 net profit despite lower revenue, EBITDA

KPN reported declines in adjusted revenue and EBITDA during the second quarter of 2016, as growth in the number of bundled services sold by its consumer division was offset by lower sales at its business unit.

Twitter's live streaming a last-ditch strategy for independent future, BTIG analyst says

Social media website Twitter is "betting its future" on live-streamed, mobile-focused video-- and if its strategy fails, the company could become an acquisition target.

T-Mobile adds ABC, Disney and others to Binge On as Legere jabs Verizon's Go90

T-Mobile once again added a litany of new service providers to its Binge On offering. And once again, CEO John Legere took advantage of the news to take shots at Verizon's Go90 video offering.

Entner: T-Mobile, AT&T and others eye loyalty plans as competition heats up

Customer loyalty plans are common in the United States, especially in mature, but competitive markets. A large number of different kinds of companies – from retailers to airlines to restaurants – have customer loyalty programs to reduce the likelihood of customers switching to a competitor. When companies introduce loyalty plans, timing is everything.

Verizon loses 41K FiOS pay-TV subs in Q2 as strike takes toll

Fresh off its $4.83 billion takeover of Yahoo, Verizon said it lost 41,000 FiOS video subscribers in the second quarter, as a seven-week CWA and IBEW worker strike impacted Verizon's ability to perform new installations and hurt its wireline business overall.