Aviatrix notches a customer win with CUJO AI

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Cybersecurity vendor CUJO AI is deploying cloud-native networking software from Aviatrix. (Pixabay)

Cloud-native networking vendor Aviatrix announced on Tuesday that CUJO AI is deploying its software across its global cloud network. It's a big customer win for Aviatrix, which supplies its customers with an architecture to provide a common set of networking, security and operational services across one or more public clouds.

Cybersecurity vendor CUJO AI is tackling the "digital life protection" problem through its artificial intelligence-based (AI) solutions that are in use by network service providers and their customers. CUJO AI provides network, mobile and public Wi-Fi operators with a full-stack set of cloud and edge software that captures, processes, curates and acts on device-level network data.

CUJO AI has announced two major partnerships with Comcast and Charter Communications, but it also has additional deployments in place in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

CUJO AI's infrastructure is all in the cloud through partnerships with major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Because its "born in the cloud," CUJO needed cloud-native networking software that could extend the native constructs of public clouds, and provide increased simplicity and automation of the cloud, along with visibility and control of a customers' network. According to Aviatrix, securing user access was the top priority for CUJO AI.

Aviatrix’s VPN solution was the only VPN offering that provides SAML authentication from the client itself, and the client provides a seamless user experience when authenticating a VPN user through a SAML IDP. The client also supports password-based authentication methods.

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CUJO AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, specifically with deep learning algorithms, to address the challenge of providing its customers with unified digital life protection solutions. The CUJO AI engine has access to the largest worldwide data set ,and is continuously being updated with billions of real-world data points across hundreds of millions of connected devices.

“Our cloud network infrastructure is in very good hands with Aviatrix,” said Darius Ramanauskas, head of IT and SecOps at CUJO AI, in a statement. “Encryption, scale, security and high availability are all high priorities for our global transit network and Aviatrix checks all the boxes for us.”

Aviatrix, which was founded in 2014, was named as one of FierceTelecom's top 12 telecom disrupters of 2019. Aviatrix is led by CEO Steve Mullaney, who was formerly a top exec at VMware after previously serving as CEO of Nicira before it was sold to VMware.