CUJO AI’s platform connects 1 billion devices

The data that CUJO AI collects tells service providers what devices are connected at customers’ homes. (Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay)

CUJO AI says its Digital Life Protection platform now connects more than 1 billion devices to service provider networks in North America. The company’s artificial intelligence-based software is integrated into routers to detect what devices are connected to the network. In addition, its algorithms can learn network traffic and device behavior, which helps it detect and prevent security threats.   

The company has seven service provider customers in North America, including Charter Communications and Comcast. It is planning to expand its service to Europe in 2021 and already has at least four service providers in Europe that are ready to deploy its platform.

According to Marcio Avillez, SVP of business development and partnerships, the data that CUJO AI collects is helpful to cable MSOs and telcos because they will know what devices are connected at customers’ homes, which can then allow them to troubleshoot potential issues.  “If you know what devices are in the home, you can troubleshoot problems better,” Avillez said. “It also puts you in a position to be proactive and notify customers and find problems. That helps with customer retention.”

The company also can provide its customers with more detailed information, such as what applications are running and what web content is being viewed. This service, called Incognito, uses machine learning to analyze website requests and upstream responses, looking for third-party trackers such as cookies, browser fingerprinting techniques and tracking ads. Incognito blocks these trackers in the broadband gateway and minimizes the personal information disclosed.

“This allows carriers to understand the most common destinations for their customers and also the most common apps their customers are using,” Avillez said.

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CUJO AI's infrastructure is cloud-based and the company has partnerships with major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

However, the CUJO AI platform only works with carrier-issued routers so if customers buy their own cable router, the cable operator doesn’t have access to this information.

Mountain View, Calif.-based CUJO AI has about 150 employees in the U.S., Asia and Europe to support its global deployments.