Google Cloud and T-Systems team up on managed services for businesses

Google Cloud and T-Systems announced a partnership on Thursday to deliver managed services to help enterprises with their cloud-based digital transformations. The new partnership also includes Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Systems providing consulting services and migration support for enterprise customers that are tapping into Google Cloud's capabilities.

T-Systems, which is Deutsche Telekom's business services division, will also build a new Google Cloud "competence" center to help enterprise customers evaluate their business needs in order to create their own cloud solutions to help them address their business priorities.

The competence center will be staffed by T-Systems experts, and will focus on areas such as large-scale workload migrations to the cloud, SAP application modernization and the development of new artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. The center will also develop solutions for data warehouse and data analytics in the cloud.

The new center will kick-off with a focus on delivering applications and services for key industries such as manufacturing, automotive, logistics and public sector.

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Last year, Deutsche Telekom took back responsibility for corporate telecom clients as part of a restructuring plan for T-Systems. The revamped T-Systems now focuses on IT and digital services. In February, T-Systems helped one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia migrate to Microsoft Azure's cloud. T-Systems provided support to Zuellig Pharma for implementing SAP HANA in a public cloud. Zuellig Pharma is one of the largest healthcare groups in Asia.

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