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Cisco could buy SDN startup Plexxi; Telco API market growing

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@FierceTelecom RT @Evan Kirstel: How a large US university used its E-SBC to connect with the Plivo WebRTC-to-SIP gateway service. Case study (.pdf) | Follow @FierceTelecom
> Could Cisco Systems acquire SDN start-up Plexxi? Article
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Malone foresees tiered broadband pricing, cable industry consolidation

Onetime cable TV industry giant John Malone said in an exclusive interview with the Denver Post late last week that the U.S. broadband service provider sector should go the way of the wireless industry, eventually offering broadband packages under tiered pricing models based on data consumption, similar to how mobile data plans have evolved.

Ofcom eyes solution for UK phone number shortage

It appears that U.K. regulator Ofcom has a solution to the recently-reported shortage of new phone numbers in the region, and it is a measure that U.S. customers will recognize. Ofcom has proposed that landline customers in markets where phone number reserves are especially shallow be required to dial area codes for local calls.

Frontier workers in West Virginia rally for new contract

Frontier Communications employees in West Virginia are stepping up efforts for their voices to be heard as the carrier negotiates with the Communications Workers of America on a new contract that would affect about 1,600 Frontier workers in the state.

Google's 2013 data center spending nears $3B

While Google's second quarter earnings report last week for the most part disappointed Wall Street, details of the Internet giant's spending on its data center footprint may have given chills to other data center operators. According to the earnings report, Google spent $1.6 billion in the second quarter alone on its rapidly expanding data center footprint.

Compass-EOS debuts core router; Verizon invests in Texas

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> Compass-EOS optical core router aims for more efficient network traffic management.Article
> Verizon invested more than $300 million in Texas wireline infrastructure last year.Release
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VSG: Business fiber gap is slowly closing

For much of the last decade, the lack of business fiber connections was often cited as an opportunity for new service providers and an embarrassment for those that had been around for a while and could have done better addressing the market.