3M says new clear fiber pathway simplifies FTTH installation

3M has unveiled its new Clear Track fiber pathway products that the company said will eliminate the need for installers to splice or add connection points when running fiber from outdoors to indoors.

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Credit: 3M

The dielectric Clear Fiber Drop Cable houses a 900 μm clear buffered fiber (ITU-T G.657.B3) and can be pulled through conduit. The Clear Track Fiber Pathway routes the fiber and can be installed without staples or glue.

The 900 μm Clear Fiber promises high-performance bandwidth and low insertion loss even with multiple 90-degree corners. The Clear Track Fiber Installation Tool is a hand-held rolling device and One Pass Mini Surface-Mount Wall Outlet can complete the FTTH connection near an ONT or customer premise equipment.

According to 3M, the Clear Track products "answer market demands for unobtrusive indoor fiber deployment that installs easily and maintains the aesthetic integrity of interior décor," adding that it's an easier installation process than labor involving ductwork, crawl spaces, raceways or stapling.

3M said the idea is to reduce homeowner disturbance and the time it takes to install, particularly in multiple dwelling units (MDUs) and large business offices. 3M has already piloted the products in a mid-rise apartment building in Austin, Texas.

Products like 3M's Clear Track are coming along as fiber connectivity is becoming more vital for MDUs in attracting new tenants. A recent FTTH Council Americas study said that fiber-based broadband increases rental and property values in MDUs by 8 percent and 2.8 percent respectively.

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