APOLAN adds five new members to its organization; INCOMPAS lauds the FCC's new pole attachment decision

Installation news from across the web:

> The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), a non-profit organization devoted to furthering adoption of passive optical local area network (LAN) technologies, added A.J. Labourdette, AWS Communications, Henkels & McCoy, Infiniti Technologies, and Netcom to its membership base. Cabling Installation & Maintenance article

> Klein Tools has expanded its line of high-visibility (Hi-Viz) tools to include three new driver products. Release

> Poole Tower Complex closes sale to InSite Towers Development. Broadcasting & Cable article

> TIA and Capitoline announce licensing agreement on data center standards training. Mission Critical article

> The Ethernet Alliance commended the decision to form three study groups within IEEE 802.3 that are exploring the development of standards for 25-Gbit/sec Ethernet over singlemode fiber, 50-Gibt/sec Ethernet over a single lane, and next-generation 100- and 200-Gbit/sec Ethernet. Release

> INCOMPAS says that FCC pole attachment decision a step forward for broadband deployment. Release (PDF)

Cable News
> Count NewStreet Research's Jonathan Chaplin said in a new report to shareholders that cable broadband penetration into U.S. homes, and pricing for broadband services, will both rise markedly in the near future. Article

> The American Cable Association has applauded the FCC for adopting an order that brings parity to the amounts that telcos, wireless carriers and cable companies pay to attach equipment to uility poles. Article 

Wireline News
> Verizon says that the Communications Workers of America union's claims that the telco is abandoning its copper networks in various states is just a labor negotiation tactic. Article

> TDS Telecom may be an advocate of expanding broadband services, including offering 1 Gbps FTTH, but it is concerned that the FCC's new 25/3 Mbps definition of broadband may be challenging to meet in rural areas where buildout costs are higher. Article

Wireless News
> According to new research from the financial analysts at New Street Research, a cable company like Comcast could entice around 20 percent of its customer base to switch to its own MVNO service within five years of moving into the wireless industry. Article

> Every year, the South Korean owners of the Samsung conglomerate conduct a corporate shuffling that moves out poorly performing managers and gives newer executives a chance to shine. Article

And finally …. @BeldenInc:  What will the network topologies of the future be? What role will wireless play? Article