Fluke Networks to update two devices for 802.11ac compatibility

Two of Netscout Systems' devices will see Wi-Fi functionality upgrades for better compatibility with the 802.11ac standard. The Fluke Networks Enterprise Solution OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet and the OneTouch AT Generation 2 Network Assistant, which Netscout says are two of its business arm's most popular network analysis tools, are currently rolling out the upgrade.

The push for the change followed the release of Cisco's Visual Networking Index report, which found that Wi-Fi and mobile devices will dominate two-thirds of IP traffic within the next five years. In a Netscout press release announcing the upgrade, Fluke Networks vice president and general manager Daryle DeBalski said expanding coverage options to the 802.11ac standard will give IT professionals peace of mind and help usher in improved troubleshooting for faster internet connections.

Both devices will have the capability to simultaneously analyze and validate both wired and wireless infrastructure performance, offering insight into root causes of errors, as well as troubleshooting services.