GL Communications' Network Surveillance Software upgraded

GL Communications has upgraded its Network Surveillance Software, meant to work with the company's Protocol Analyzer probes to offer monitoring in multiple testing locations at once. According to a statement by Karthik Ramalingam, senior manager of product development, the software is compatible with TDM, VoIP and wireless networks.

The software features a Multi-protocol Call Flow which tests interoperability between different types of networks. The messages, displayed in a ladder diagram, offer a record of complete end-to-end call flow between the networks. The software also offers a "merge" view which displays "an all-encompassing view of graph, decode and call detail information in three different panels with hide/show sliders."

In addition, the Network Surveillance Software includes trigger and pre-set alarms and alerts for calls-of-interest, network failures, or worker-selected occurrences. Alarm triggers allow for severity settings and can be programmed to send customized alerts based on the situation, including email, text message and audible alerts, among others.

Ramalingam also said the company's emphasis on flexible systems and equipment means the enhancement to the Network Surveillance Software will be easily supported. Further, maintenance workers are able to access the software's data from any location with Internet access, allowing for flexibility in monitoring and troubleshooting. Release

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