GWI implements VETRO’s FiberMap to map, manage growing fiber network


GWI, a Maine-based competitive provider, has implemented VETRO’s FiberMap as a platform to map out and manage its growing fiber network.

Being a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based platform, VETRO’s FiberMap can be accessed via any web browser. This allows GWI to plan, design, cost, build, market and manage its network with mapping, real-time inventory and workflow applications for all departments.

Fletcher Kittredge, founder and CEO of GWI, said in a release that VETRO’s tool provides it “the tools we need to focus on ROI and efficiency and maintain full awareness of our network assets at all times with accurate and easily accessible data.”

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Because the solution is built on Open APIs with cloud implementation, GWI can also build and scale any workflow or departmental solution it needs as it grows the fiber network.

The Open API architecture allows VETRO to tailor a solution to provide a glove-fit solution for GWI’s network design, planning, inventory and demand generation functions. VETRO said that its solution is more cost effective for customers like GWI because it does not require the service provider to purchase any licenses or install anything. Small- to mid-sized ISPs like GWI only have to pay for what they use.

Fiber is clearly in GWI’s DNA. The service provider was a major contributor to the state’s "Three Ring Binder,” a dark fiber-based middle mile network that will provide connectivity to many parts of the state that never had broadband access before.

GWI led the sponsor effort to secure $32 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant money to build the Three Ring Binder, an 1100-mile fiber optic network that will serve as an on-ramp for other service providers in Maine to extend broadband service to their customers.

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